Southern Water update after 24 hours of repairs to burst pipe

A utility company warns of possible negative pressure and discolored water in parts of the Isle of Wight after some residents were without a water supply for almost 24 hours.

A pipe burst Friday night affecting homes in Newchurch, Arreton and the surrounding area.

Southern Water engineers worked Friday night and most of Saturday to fix the problem.

It distributed emergency supplies of bottled water and set up a bottled water collection point outside Newchurch Primary School.

It has now completed its repair.

The burst pipe was in a “difficult place” next to the Yar River, the operator said on Saturday.

Last night, around 7 p.m., it tweeted a picture of the solid pipe, explaining to islanders how to deal with problems once supplies were restored.

The company said, “The repairs on the Burst main line are now complete and customers should see supplies gradually returning to normal.

“The pressure may initially be lower than usual.

“You may see cloudy or discolored water at first, but this will usually clear up after you let the faucets run for a few minutes.

“Thank you for your patience today – we apologize for the inconvenience.”

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