Spring Calls For A Home Plumbing Check-Up

Cleaning gutters doesn’t seem like an appealing way to spend a warm spring afternoon, but for homeowners, maintaining this huge investment cannot be ignored.

A house works with the seasons, crouches for the winter, and then comes alive in the spring. The warmer weather often brings rain and melting snow can drain a lot of water.

Gord Titchkosky, owner and managing director of Polar Plumbing and Heating in Winkler, says that this can bring many challenges.

“This year we will probably see a little less of these problems. But we usually fill our water pits and pumps are running to get the water out of our homes before it causes problems. It can keep plumbers pretty busy with pumps not working or the drain lines frozen and things like that. “

According to Titchkosky, one of the most important items on a homeowner’s spring checklist should be to ensure a properly functioning sump pump.

“If you have access to a sump and can pour water into it until the pump starts and pumps the water out as intended, you can avoid a lot of problems before they happen.”

Much of life’s normal activities have been disrupted due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, but renovations are not one of them. Titchkosky says the past year has been a great time to tackle a home reno, but avid homeowners can easily get over their heads.

One of the most common problems encountered in home renovations is a lack of understanding and knowledge of how to properly install plumbing. Titchkosky advises: “Know your limits. “

March 11th was declared World Installation Day to draw attention to the vital role plumbers play in promoting the link between high quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

“If we think back to the days of our ancestors, rural Manitoba didn’t have much for water and sewer systems a hundred years ago. Today we take running, toilets that wash away rubbish, and showers for granted. The conditions are much more hygienic today. “

“Due to the urban growth, the sanitary installations had to adapt to the increasing use,” explains Titchkosky. “Water protection technologies and the reduction of wastewater are key areas when it comes to managing population growth and the necessary infrastructure.”

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