Spring cleaning: 10 bestselling bathroom cleaning products on Amazon

Ms. Hinch gives her best tips for a thorough cleaning of the bathroom

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Sometimes you only realize you’re using a bad product when you switch to something else and see how much better it is if you clean your bathroom thoroughly. Spring is the best time of year to revamp your cleaning routine, and there’s nothing like buying new products to get you (almost) excited about cleaning your bathroom. Amazon is where millions of people around the world buy their detergents and the really helpful ones come back after trying them out and let other shoppers know what they think by leaving a review. Keep scrolling to see the 10 best selling, top rated cleaning products Amazon shoppers love for a squeaky clean bathroom.

The 10 Best Selling Cleaning Products on Amazon (Image: Amazon)

Method Antibacterial spray, amazing bathroom cleaner trigger spray

Method Antibacterial spray, amazing bathroom cleaner trigger spray (Image: Amazon)

This cleaning spray kills 99.9 percent of bacteria with naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients and can be used for a thorough cleaning of the entire bathroom.

The scent of water mint introduced into the product lets your bathroom smell fresh for days after cleaning.

Critics say:

“Wonderful scent, lets the bathroom shine and smell for hours. Great price-performance ratio for such a large bottle ”.

4.8 stars from 3,385 ratings

RRP: £ 3

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Save time and money on multiple products by trying this entire bathroom cleaning solution.

If you can get rid of soap scum, watermarks, and lime, you can expect a streak-free shine with a lovely scent of fresh pine.

Critics say:

“It’s really tough on lather, just letting it sit in a few sprays and a minute, then wipe clean, it’s that simple. I would definitely recommend this and any Astonish product. “

4.5 stars from 466 ratings

RRP: £ 1.39, now on sale for £ 1 – save £ 0.39

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Method shower cleaner, HG 322050106 Super powerful toilet cleaner

Method shower cleaner, HG 322050106 Super powerful toilet cleaner (Image: Amazon)

This product is designed to be used after every shower. It is designed for people who want to make cleaning a part of their daily routine.

In between your deep cleans, simply spray this spray over your shower glass and tiles to prevent soap scum and product residue from building up – you don’t even have to scrub or rinse off.

The delicious scent of passion fruit lingers long after your cleanse and ensures that your bathroom smells fresh between deep cleans.

Critics say:

“For a £ 3 delivery, this is a bargain. Wanted something for the new wet room glass panes. They have the proprietary, easy-to-wash coatings so not sure how well this stuff works, but we literally spray on the glass and let it dry. Smells nice, fresh and clean and doesn’t leave limescale on the glass so I think it works great. “

4.7 stars from 1,602 reviews

RRP: £ 3

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If you find regular toilet cleaners just won’t cut it, this charged formula can remove even the toughest of dirt, stains, and scale without affecting the glaze.

All you have to do is spray the product deep under the rim of the toilet bowl and let it work for about half an hour, then brush with a toilet brush, flush and enjoy your fresh looking toilet.

Critics say:

“I used this product on a really, really dirty lime toilet that the tenants hadn’t cleaned. I tried the cola method – no, it didn’t work. I tried soda and vinegar bicarbonate, no it didn’t work! Before I used it, I removed all of the water from the bowl and after just a few hours the lime was gone, with little effort with the toilet brush to wipe it off. Really very, very satisfied with this product ”.

4.3 stars from 2,741 ratings

RRP: € 5.95, now on sale for € 5 – save € 0.95

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HG Professional lime remover, HG 147050106 shower and washbasin spray

HG Professional lime remover, HG 147050106 shower and washbasin spray (Image: Amazon)

Get rid of stubborn limescale once and for all with this extra powerful, concentrated limescale remover.

You can use tiles, shower doors, faucets and shower heads and your bathroom will look new in no time. Just let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off to see the results.

Critics say:

“I don’t usually leave reviews, but I felt like I have to say how good this product is. The scales on my sink were so bad that I considered buying a new sink. Sprayed this stuff on and left for about 15 minutes. After a little scrubbing with a scrubber, all of the limescale was gone. Top product indeed ”.

4.5 stars from 3,355 ratings

RRP: £ 3

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This product is designed for wash basins, plastic shower stalls and tiled walls and is suitable for use on marble. It can be used to remove dirt deposits, light limescale and grease.

Critics say:

“Great! I’ve tried after using mold remover and dandruff. I don’t buy any other bathroom cleaners, it’s amazing my shower doors look brand new! I live in an area with hard water and I often get water stains – no more!”

4.4 stars from 2,152 ratings

RRP: £ 2.59 each

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LTCT Korea Chemical Household Mold Miracle Remover Gel, Limey Tap Descaling Gadget for Removing Limescale

LTCT Korea Chemical Household Mold Miracle Remover Gel, Limey Tap Descaling Gadget for Removing Limescale (Image: Amazon)

A highly effective mold removal gel that removes mold and mildew in one stroke and can be applied to the silicone of the kitchen sink, wash basin, bathtub, window frame, and anywhere you find mold.

Critics say:

“Do exactly what it should. Put a thin line on the sealant behind the faucets in the evening, come back to it in the morning and all the mold disappeared. Very happy with my purchase ”.

4.1 stars from 1,326 ratings

RRP: £ 13.99, on sale now for £ 11.99 – save £ 2

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Let your limescale removal products work their magic on your faucets by adding this handy decalcifying device that allows the faucet to sit in the solution instead of dripping off.

Critics say:

“This is a great little innovation that helps me get rid of the pesky limescale on my faucets without endless scrubbing. It used to feel like a hopeless task in my hard water area. Now I use white vinegar in the appliance on every tap in the house so often and they are shiny and clean. “

4.1 stars from 1,890 ratings

RRP: £ 7.98, now on sale for £ 5.85 – you save £ 2.13

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Cif bathroom eucalyptus 100% biodegradable plant fiber cleaning wipes, Ecover bathroom cleaner

Cif bathroom eucalyptus 100% biodegradable plant fiber cleaning wipes, Ecover bathroom cleaner (Image: Amazon)

Very handy between deep cleans, these bathroom cleaning wipes contain eucalyptus oil and no bleach to thoroughly clean your bathroom while leaving a fresh scent.

These wipes can be used throughout the bathroom, including the floor, toilet, shower, and more. They make cleaning up as quick and easy as possible.

Critics say:

“I’ve been using this product for a few months and I’m extremely satisfied. It removes dandruff from the sink and faucet and leaves a very pleasant scent. “

4.5 stars from 399 ratings

RRP: £ 2

Shop at Amazon Here…

With a bottle made from recycled natural and plant-based plastics and a formula made from plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, this entire bathroom spray is eco-friendly, yet powerful enough to make your bathroom shine.

Critics say:

“Compared to other eco and non-eco products, this blasts dirt and grime, especially well on lather. The scent is from a cleaner, so nothing too different, but it’s nice to know that you’re not covering things with harmful chemicals but getting results that good or better. “

4.7 stars from 438 ratings

RRP: £ 2.50

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