Spring Cleaning: Boat Readiness for Summer

In New Orleans, we will soon feel the hot summer days, which means the boating days are ahead of us. To prepare your boat for summer, you need to start in spring. With a little cleaning, prep, and maintenance prep your water vessel for fun.

Uncover your boat

It’s time to let your boat breathe. Like a loyal old friend, he has survived the long winter and waited for your return. Now you can revive that water friendship and the first step is to expose your boat. Spread the lid out and let it dry. Then fold it up neatly and keep it for next time.

Wax and buff

To protect the paintwork and keep your boat glowing all summer long, apply a boat wax and buff it by hand or with an electric hand buffer. You’ll know you’re properly waxed when the sun reflects off the boat’s paintwork.

The drain plug

Imagine cleaning and preparing your boat, going out on a nice sunny day and watching the boat fill with water. While you’re getting your boat ready for the summer, insert the drain plug now so you don’t accidentally forget it later.


A maintenance check is advisable during a thorough clean before stepping on the water. There are a few important points to check:

  • Engine – Make sure it is running, has fuel, and all parts are in good condition.
  • Throttle and shift cables – lubricate if necessary
  • Fluids – Check the level of the transmission fluids, coolant, etc.
  • Wiring – Make sure connections are in good condition after sitting due to temperature changes.

Registration and license

It will be disappointing to go out on a fine day and find that you forgot to re-register your boat. Renew if necessary and keep the registration information in a safe place on the boat along with your boating license.

The comfort of your home

Now that the boat is clean and ready to go, it’s time to stock it up and get it ready for boaters. Use your storage space for towels, sunscreen, and snacks that can sit on the boat for a while without feeling sick. Everything you can now put on the boat to enjoy the coming boating days makes spontaneous boat trips easier.

Boating is sure to be popular this summer as people yearn to enjoy the great outdoors again. Have your ship ready to enjoy the lazy summer days.

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