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PUNE: The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is putting the finishing touches on the first major renovation of Prabhat Studios in 60 years. Large parts in which equipment is stored are also being restored.
The effort comes in time for the FTII, whose students are still using the ground for their target practice. The institute’s diamond anniversary celebrations are taking place and the founding day of the FTII comes later this month.
“The work that we have been doing since January could not be done at any point in the last 60 years, as the studios were actively used by the students and the faculty for target practice and their diploma films. This window of no activity has given us the opportunity to take up the long overdue work, ”said FTII Director Bhupendra Kainthola.
The FTII has removed all of the old film equipment that used to be kept in a vestibule of the main Prabhat studios. It’s now in a smaller studio next door.
Equipment includes lights, rails, tripods, dollies, and other cinematographic paraphernalia that is nearly five decades old and was used by FTII students for filming until a decade ago.
The mass clearance enabled the FTII to repaint and repaint the dilapidated chambers and to set up new storage units for the antique equipment. “None of the equipment is used anymore, but it is kept in the restored chambers so that students can have an idea of ​​what film equipment used to be,” said Kainthola.
“This is especially true for the lights, as the students are using new LED lamps and previous arc lights were quickly heated up during operation. We also used some of the junk lights to build an installation on our campus, ”he added.
The iconic tank on the FTII campus, used since the days of the Prabhat Film Company to recreate scenes in films of lakes and ponds, is also getting a restored drainage system so that pumps no longer need to drain water after using a shot.
Next on the restoration calendar is the studio floor.
“Two sets remained on the floor of Prabhat Studios as they were built and not dismantled prior to the lockdown last year. Our goal now is to remove these sets and fully align the shooting floor. It will be helpful for those who shoot with rails and carts, ”added Kainthola.

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