Steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – If you go outside for even the briefest moment, you cannot escape the extreme cold that covers KELOLAND and you risk your home. Jerry Berg is the owner and founder of INTEK Cleaning & Restoration, based in Sioux Falls.

“There could be a hundred houses in Sioux Falls in the next few days that are finding they have water problems,” Berg said.

Different temperatures can mean different problems.

“What happens is that this coldness finds its way and there is a pipe near an outside wall, it freezes, it bursts and as soon as the heat comes back or the water comes back on, you now have a pipe, a pipe with it Hole in it, and consequently it runs everywhere, ”said Berg. “And it usually happens that you don’t notice.”

Protect your pets when the temperature drops

Timing can make a huge difference, and Berg provides an example.

“It’s just a broken pipe, but it depends when you catch it,” said Berg. “I mean, we did one today. It was just one hallway in an office building, but if it had happened at night it would have been on the two floors below. It happened on the third floor. ”

That all sounds terrible, of course. However, there are steps you can take.

Prepare for even colder weather

“Open all the doors so the heat is even throughout the house. Do not lock the bathroom behind the back bedroom as this will be the place where the pipe will burst, ”said Berg. “Make sure it’s 55 or higher and just let someone check the house.”

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