Streak comes to an end with two failing restaurant inspection scores –

T.ACOS The C.ON L.EE H.IGHWAY In C.Hattanooga earned a 61. INSPECTORS SAID that water leaking from the ceiling dripped into a pot of water that was foaming pepper shakers. T.Frost cooked the day before kept too warm from a temperature. T.EN POUNDS OF the tripe had to be thrown away. S.GENERAL REPAIRS HAVE ALSO NEEDED. IAccording to observers, the REACH-IN COOLER floor was missing, several tiles in the kitchen were broken and several lights in the food prep area were not covered. INSPECTORS ADDED DISHES TO BE STORED WET and a staff member sliced ​​ICEBERG LETTUCE BAREHANDED. ON THE FOLLOWING INSPECTION HAS BEEN REQUESTED.

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