Sulphur residents continue fighting for clearer water

Sulfur, LA (KPLC) – The ongoing battle for clearer water continues in Sulfur as residents raised more concerns at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

“Our citizens, and especially our children, are at risk,” said resident Cynthia Robertson. “Our water is not safe.”

Sulfur city officials are again in hot water at a city council meeting after residents said they were fed up with brown water.

“It needs to be addressed for the safety of our citizens and especially our children,” said Robertson.

“My concern, of course, is about the water and the damage it does to our children, our elderly and the disabled,” said resident Katie Vincent.

The city has consistently reassured locals that the water is safe and that all hands are on deck to replace the city’s water system.

“We have completed the replacement of two filter canisters. We expect more filter ships to come until we have replaced all eight, ”said Sulfur Mayor Mike Danahay. “Then we start a pre-treatment plant.”

Some fear that these efforts may not be the solution they are looking for.

“I think it will take a lot more than a new well and filter vessel to clean out the copper and other things,” said local resident Markel Andrepont.

Robertson has questions for both the Louisiana Department of Health and the city.

“LDH has a minimum reporting level on their website and our water tests above that. Then why does the city say it does all the things the state requires? ”Said Robertson.

We contacted LDH and they had the following:

LDH has received customer complaints about discolored water for homes and businesses, primarily from the E. Verdine waterworks. Some residents used home test kits to analyze samples from homes and local schools and raised concerns about the results. Out of great caution, LDH carried out research samples at two schools, EK Key Elementary School and Sulfur High School. The analysis was carried out by the EPA-certified drinking water laboratory of the LDH. You can find the results of these tests and the letter issued to the schools and recommendations from LDH on our website at

Due to the concerns of local residents, LDH has postponed the routine lead and copper monitoring of the city of Sulfur planned for 2022 until this year. Based on these routine lead and copper tapping results in 2021, the city of Sulfur complies with the Action Levels of the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). According to the current LCR requirements, a water system is compliant if no more than 10% of the samples exceed the action value. Of the total of 30 samples taken by the city of Sulfur, only one sample was above the lead action value (0.015 mg / L) and another sample was above the copper action value (1.3 mg / L). According to the current LCR, the water system is obliged to inform the consumer about the individual test results and the reduction in lead exposure. The water system has taken a follow-up sample from the household with the increased lead result and the results are still pending.

“We are in constant contact with them and they have told us that the water situation, the water, is safe in Sulfur,” said Danahay.

Click HERE for a link to the Louisiana Department of Health test results.

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