Swap the faucet but save the sink

Hello Ed: We have moved to a new home and the bathroom facilities are in good condition. The bathroom has a two-handle sink faucet and I want to change it to a one-hand bath faucet. Can a new one-hand tap be installed without changing the sink?

– Hal, Michigan

Dear Hal: Hopefully you have a standard 4 inch centeret faucet on deck.

Basically this means that the measure from the center of the hot water handle to the center of the cold water handle is 4 inches wide and the handles and spout are connected on a single faucet base.

A 4-inch centeret bathroom faucet is connected to a three-hole sink. So if you have a three-hole sink with the outer holes 4 inches apart, you should be able to install a single-handle bath faucet.

However, a cover plate is usually needed to cover all of the holes. For this reason, many single-lever bathroom fittings contain a “rosette” or a cover plate.

Keep in mind that plumbing can be tricky and you might find yourself in a hole if you end up with mismatched countersunk holes.

By installing a shower column, you can take your shower experience to a new level.  (Charcoal burner)

Dear Ed: I have a boring shower head and want to upgrade with a rain head and hand shower. My plumbing and shower cubicles are in good condition so I don’t want to turn them into a big project. Any easier upgrade ideas?

– Tony, Tennessee

Dear Tony: I recently wrote an article on rain shower heads. Since then, many readers have asked for custom shower stalls.

One of my new favorite shower upgrades is called the shower column. Instead of installing new plumbing behind the walls, in most cases a shower column is installed around the shower wall with minimal changes to the edging.

A shower column unit has ready-made vertical piping anchored to the inner wall. The pipes rise above the user with a rain shower head attached to the upper fitting. An easily accessible diverter with a sliding hand shower is included in most kits.

Conclusion: By installing a shower column, you can take your shower experience to a new level.

Prime Contractor / Plumber Ed Del Grande is the author of Ed Del Grande’s House Call, host of television and internet shows, and a green LEED contributor. Visit eddelgrande.com or write to [email protected]

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