Swinburne’s award-winning success at World Plumbing Day Apprentice Skills Contest

Swinburne’s plumbing apprentice Danny Hoekstra was recognized for his industry knowledge and craft after winning the 2020 World Plumbing Day Apprentice Skills Contest.

In the pipelines

The one-day event of the Plimateing Industry Climate Action Center (PICAC) promotes professional excellence and has been recognized nationwide in vocational education and training.

World Plumbing Day is celebrated worldwide on March 11th and recognizes the decisive contribution and essential role of experienced plumbing professionals.

Danny was one of eight plumbing and five sprinkler apprentices selected to compete for gold on a national stage and a chance to further represent Australia internationally in the United Association’s International Apprentice Skills Contest in the United States.

“I was absolutely overwhelmed and couldn’t believe it. I am very proud of this achievement, ”says Danny.

At the beginning of March this year, PICAC honored the occasion with an event in Braunschweig, where various interactive workshops were held to practice industry knowledge and skills and to carry out simulated installations.

Starting at the regional level, the competition took place over a period of seven hours. The young artisans battled for the opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate their skills and advance at the national level.

“It’s a great day to meet people from the industry and it definitely will look good on a resume whether you win or just participate,” says Danny.

Danny was supported in his pre-event training by a network of staff and colleagues, including veteran plumbing mentor and teacher Paul Burke, pre-apprenticeship teacher Brendan Hooker, and former Swinburne Start manager Linda Kearley.

“My teachers have always been happy to go above and beyond to help me and other students with advice and extra support while studying,” he says.

During my training, several teachers were encouraged to take part in such extracurricular activities. “

Raise expectations

Swinburne is a proud partner of the Center for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare’s Raising Expectations project, which aims to facilitate access to further training for young carers.

Danny’s educational journey began in Swinburne in 2016 as part of the Try-a-Trade program, which later enabled him to make connections through the plumbing industry’s Climate Action Center (PICAC).

Swinburne offers academic support programs, pathways to further study, and other short courses to prepare and support students who have experience in care, relatives, housing, or permanent care.

In 2018, Swinburne’s Croydon campus hosted the Apprentices Skills Competition, where students from five TAFEs were introduced to introduce their skills to the industry and each other – watch the video.

Although Danny is unable to travel to the 2020 U.S. International Competition due to the COVID-19 lockdown, he has continued to pursue his Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services in Swinburne.

Danny hopes to continue searching for opportunities to expand his skills and expand his experience in the plumbing industry in his apprenticeship.

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