Taney County septic pump out program back for 2022 | Local News

If your septic tank is ready to overflow and fertilize the neighborhood, there’s good news from the Taney County Office of Environmental Services.

The Taney County Septic Tank Pump Out Program will be made available for calendar year 2022. This is the eighth year that the county has made this service available to eligible property owners in Taney County.

The program pays 100% of the cost of pumping out a septic tank on a family home every four years. The homeowner is responsible for locating their septic tank and exposing service access for the transportation company.

The program is funded by the county sewer tax. The program has pumped out 3,443 tanks since it started in 2014.

Residents interested in participating in the Taney County Septic Tank Pumping Program can find applications on the county’s website, taneycounty.org. Applications can also be sent to residents by contacting Program Manager John Soutee at [email protected] or by calling 417-546-7238.

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