Texas plumbers expect increase in emergency calls over the holidays

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, but when the toilet clogs or the sink overflows, only one person can call – a plumber.

“We’re not shutting down. We keep taking calls, ”said Mike Marugo, plumbing services manager at ABC Home & Commercial Services. “When the phone rings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, someone is in a panic.”

With more emergency calls in Marugo, Marugo has an on-call list and a backup list to meet the need. In his time as a plumber, he saw everything.

“I’m in 6 inches of water,” said Marugo. My toilets are overcrowded. Brown stuff comes up in my tub. “

Given COVID-19 restrictions and fewer people wanting strangers to enter their homes, he wasn’t sure what the holidays would be like this year.

“We expected to slow down this holiday season,” said Marugo. “We haven’t increased (slowed down) by 8 to 12% compared to last Christmas,” said Marugo.

More work, but Marugo says it’s worth helping people out on vacation.

“To be able to save someone’s vacation when they wanted to pick up and move, or all of their Christmas gifts were ruined by raw sewage and you can save the day,” Marugo said.

His advice is to be patient and know that someone is there to help.

“Be kind to your drains, be kind to your water heater, and if they’re not kind to you give us a call,” Marugo said.

Marugo says his team goes through a mandatory COVID-19 assessment every day they start work. They also wear masks and other PPE when working at home.

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