Thanksgiving Kitchen Elements That May Increase a Home’s Value

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Thanksgiving is the ultimate test for kitchens, pushing every device and every inch of space on the worktop to its limits. However, Zillow has identified eight kitchen functions that are not only better equipped for the pressures of entertainment, but can also increase the selling price of a home when it comes to moving.

“The kitchen has long been at the heart of the home and has become even more important over the last year,” says Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert. As a result, pandemic-era home buyers seem willing to pay a premium for quality kitchen equipment. Homeowners planning to market their home should flaunt these features when they have them. But apart from reselling, these value-adding properties also increase the functionality of a kitchen, especially during the holidays. ”

1. Steam Oven: Of the 220+ features Zillow researched, steam ovens top the list of household features sold in 2021. If this device is mentioned in listing descriptions, those homes can sell for 4.9% more than comparable houses without one.

2. Butcher’s Block: Butcher’s Block is the only countertop material that can also serve as a cutting surface. Buyers buy homes that include butcher’s block in their listing descriptions almost four days faster and 2.7% more than expected.

3. Smart appliances: Technically networked devices enable chefs to control everything from their phone or tablet. When it’s time to move, homes with smart devices can sell for 3% more than expected.

4. Quartz: Homes made with this durable countertop material can sell 3.2% more than expected, according to wellness design consultant Jamie Gold, and for good reason. “This worktop material is enjoying increasing popularity due to its heat, stain and scratch resistance and its increasingly realistic stone look,” explains Gold.

5. Dual fuel stove: A dual fuel stove is a stove with a gas hob and an electric stove. Electric ovens can produce smoother results when baking, while a gas hob heats up quickly and provides more precise temperature control. Buyers can spend 2.2% more on homes that mention a dual fuel range in their listing description.

6. Wine Fridge: Extra drink storage is always helpful when you are serving a crowd, and a wine refrigerator can be more cool than wine. Homes with this useful feature can sell for 1.7% more and almost two days faster than expected.

7. Pot filler: A pot filler installed over a cooktop or stovetop swings out of the wall and extends over a saucepan so that the cook does not have to carry a heavy saucepan of water from the sink to the cooker. Research by Zillow found that this faucet could help sell homes for 1.5% more.

8. Touchless Faucet: With the health and safety in mind for today’s shoppers, homes with touchless faucets can sell almost two days faster than expected and for 0.6% more. The movement-activated technology switches on the kitchen faucet, makes cleaning easier and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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