Thawing temperatures brings the risk for burst pipes

PEKIN (WEEK) – After several rounds of winter weather, fifteen consecutive days of freezing, and lots of residents looking for frozen pipes, the worst may not be over. Thaw temperatures mean an increase in calls to plumbing and restoration companies.

Frozen pipes that begin to thaw can burst and flood homes. The tricky part is that the pipes are already damaged but not yet visible, which can lead to even bigger problems.

This week, companies like Trouble Free Inc. in Beijing are preparing to see the impact. President and owner Dave Osborn said the company’s top concerns after a freeze operation are burst pipes, floods and leaks.

“If you get water in the house, don’t go in because there could be electricity through the house and you could be electrocuted,” Osborn said.

Osborn recommends knowing where your water shut-off valve is and testing it to make sure it is working properly to avoid costly water damage.

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