The 3 Best Bathroom Faucets For Hard Water

Without proper precautions, the effects of hard water can be difficult to deal with. One of the best things you can do is simply change the hardware in your bathroom. The best hard water bathroom faucets will help reduce the buildup of extra minerals like calcium and magnesium in hard water that can make surfaces difficult to keep clean.

Hard water can, over time, lead to chalky residue that builds up in your sink and is difficult to remove. Therefore, look for faucets with corrosion-resistant brass faucet bodies. When it comes to the finish – whether it’s chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black – you want to know that a glossier finish is more resistant to scratches, but a matte finish (including brushed hardware) masks water marks and fingerprints well.

Whichever style you prefer, look for faucets with aerators (preferably one that is removable for easy cleaning). An aerator is an especially helpful feature when you have hard water, as it prevents splashing so that hard water buildup does not carry over the surface of your sink. An aerator can even save money by improving and controlling the flow of water. All of the picks listed below include Neoperl aerators, a trusted brand that stands out for its quality. Also note that most faucets come in a one-hole or 3-hole design. So choose one that suits your sink.

While picking up one of the best hard water shower heads may be the first thing that comes to mind when updating your bathroom, these hard water bathroom faucets also help solve the same problems. Read on for three highly rated tips that will instantly upgrade your bathroom.

1. A sleek bathroom faucet under $ 75

This bathroom faucet for hard water has a powerful Neoperl aerator, which is characterized by preventing the formation of hard water. A solid brass body with zinc alloy handles resists corrosion and tarnishing, and the spout can be easily rotated 360 degrees. This three-hole system is available in chrome (shown here), brushed nickel or matte black and its classic shape suits any bathroom decor style. Also, the aerator can be replaced or removed for washing, although some reviewers report that removing an aerator such as a coin is required.

A helpful review: “I’ve been using it for a month, it works fine, I feel like the water flow is strong, but with a sense of water protection the faucet and ventilation quality is great, and the brushed nickel finish goes well with our bathroom and resists also fingerprints and water stains to make it look clean and nice. […]The included pop-up drain is plastic, but fine. I am very satisfied with this product. ”

2. A modern bathroom faucet in matt black

The design details of this modern bathroom faucet will refresh your space and you will love the practical features that make it look great even if you live in a hard water home. The faucet resists corrosion, rust and scratches, also thanks to its solid brass body.

Similar to the first pick, the strong Neoperl aerator ensures an even flow and saves up to 50% water. It’s also removable so cleaning or replacing is an easy task. This three-hole system has a 360-degree rotation at the spout and is available in modern matt black, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

A helpful review: “Great faucet! Very impressive addition to our bathroom. We’re updating our bathroom countertop and adding this faucet to it. Very high quality look that will last for years with the sturdy construction. The faucet was relatively easy to install. It even includes white gloves that you can use to install. Great quality for the price. “

3. A more traditional and affordable choice

This bathroom fitting is a little cheaper and has the same money and water-saving removable Neoperl aerator as the first two taps. This double handle faucet has a more traditional design with winged levers. It’s made from stainless steel with zinc alloy handles, brass nuts for long life, and a corrosion-resistant brushed nickel finish, making it ideal for hard water. Unlike the first two picks, this faucet doesn’t turn. It has a three-hole system and is also available in black and chrome.

A helpful review: “We bought this because our old ones got very dirty. We don’t know much about sinks or faucets and that was easy for us to install. It works very well and looks very good. The faucet came with a pair of gloves which is a bonus. The handles make no noise and the water pressure is good. It is very good for the price compared to other faucets. “

Nice to have: attachable sink aerators

When a brand new faucet is just not in your budget – or if you don’t want to replace all of the faucets in your house – these clip-on aerators are a great quick fix. The highly rated aerators come in a pack of 2 and have a chrome-plated brass housing that is corrosion-resistant. They fit most bathroom and kitchen faucets, and reviewers say installation is a breeze. Not only do these aerators control the spray and splash of water so hard water doesn’t clutter the sinks, but they are also Water Sense certified. This means that they meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria for water efficiency and performance.

A helpful review: “We have hard water and our aerators are getting serious buildup of hard water. Over the years we’ve cleaned and scraped them with vinegar, but slowly they started to look worse. Then at some point I couldn’t figure out how to put them back together One of our aerators. After working on it for an hour, I just bought this set on Amazon. I should have done it sooner. It was trivial to replace and the faucets look so much better. These are very cheap and I have them replaced the one I couldn’t get back together and one of the other aerators (since it came as a pack of 2). “

Also nice to have: a bathroom cleaner for hard water stains

The best bathroom faucets do their best to withstand the effects of hard water, but stains still sometimes appear. This bathroom cleaner for hard water stains takes care of them easily. With over 8,000 reviews, it’s a cult favorite, removing stubborn stubborn water stains from all bathroom surfaces, including tiles, toilets, showers, stones, and windows. Use this spray bottle to clean and seal bathroom surfaces for up to three months.

A helpful review: “Absolutely no aversions to this product. As a professional maid, I regularly encounter hard water problems in new clients’ homes. I threw everything and the sink on hard water stains from vinegar, baking soda, bartender’s friend, soft scrub, 0000 steel wool, green scouring pads, etc. What do you have? Nothing worked until I found this fantastic product. I’ve restored so many showers, whether it’s hard water stains on glass and taps, rust rings from shaving foam cans in fiberglass showers, children’s toothpaste paint made from natural stone, stains from coffee drips on Formica countertops, etc. Hands The best product I have ever used in my job. […]”

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