The 4 Best Water Softener Shower Heads

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium – the two main minerals that make hard water – but a whole house water softener system costs an average of $ 1,500. Although they don’t technically soften hard water, The best shower heads with water softeners can help improve the overall quality of your shower water by filtering out chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants that can cause itchy skin and dry hair. And if you’re ready to spend more, Amazon has water softening systems that offer a compromise between filter performance, convenience, and price.

When it comes to filtering shower heads, most options come with cartridges that have different filter layers to remove common water contaminants. For example, an activated carbon filter can remove chlorine and improve the odor of water, and studies have shown that vitamin C is another way to neutralize chlorine. Similarly, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filters help remove chlorine, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and iron – although they can remove some minerals, a KDF filter doesn’t soften the water by itself.

Whether you prefer a fixed or portable design, shower heads are easy to install and maintain (you only need to replace the filter cartridge every six months or so), and they’re an affordable way to make your water less harsh. However, a large amount of resin is required to soften water, and most shower head filters are too small for the job.

On the other hand, if your water is high in calcium and magnesium, it may be worth investing in a water softener system. These remove far greater amounts of hard water-causing minerals from your drinking and washing water, but because they’re plugged into your home’s plumbing system, they’re not an option for most apartment dwellers.

While a shower head filter won’t completely solve your hard water problem, scroll down for the best water softener shower heads that can help reduce many contaminants, some of which are backed by NSF certification.

1. The best overall shower head filter

This fixed shower head is equipped with a 15-stage filter that contains layers of KDF 55, activated carbon and vitamin C to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. You must replace the filter with one of the brand’s refill cartridges (sold separately) every three to four months. Although it’s a fixed shower head, you can customize the experience by adjusting the angle or choosing one of three jet modes: focused massage, mixed gentle rain, and therapeutic massage. There are five colors to choose from including chrome, gold and nickel.

A positive review: “We have so much chlorine in our water and this shower head has changed our lives. My hair and skin are so much less dry and it actually makes a huge difference how long my hair color lasts. Easy to install and great water pressure. “

2. The best handheld shower head

If you prefer a shower wand, this handheld option has a 15-stage filter that includes layers of KDF 55, activated carbon, vitamin C, and more. The sleek chrome shower head is easy to install and comes with a 59-inch stainless steel hose that gives you more flexibility whether you’re bathing pets, reaching uncomfortable spots, or using the handheld shower to clean the shower. In contrast to the first selection, however, there is only one water spray setting. You must replace the filter cartridge (sold separately) every four to six months.

A positive review: “I just moved to a new place and the hard water dried out my skin so I bought this to help and I have to say I am impressed. It definitely helped my skin. I would like to install a water softener, but that is helping us at the moment. “

3. The best budget shower head

The transparent arm of this hand shower is filled with mineral balls, while the shower head itself contains a fragrant vitamin C and lemon balm cartridge. This shower head helps remove chlorine, ammonia odors, lead, chrome, rust, iron and other debris. While it doesn’t have a 15-stage filtration system, it’s a great choice for those looking to spend less. The shower head has a water jet setting. It comes with three refills of lemon balm cartridges and a refill of mineral balls, but a hose is not included. The brand recommends replacing the lemon cartridges once a month and the mineral balls every four months.

A positive review: “I love this shower head. The vitamin C scent is amazing and your skin will be super soft. My hair loves it too. “

4. A deluxe filter system that removes 90% of the chlorine

This NSF certified filter system uses coconut shell carbon to reduce the amount of chlorine, lead, and iron in your water, while a KDF-copper-zinc mixture balances the pH of the water. The attached shower head has multiple flow settings including massage, but you can also buy the filter tank individually and use it with your own shower head. You should replace the filter with the branded cartridges every six months.

A positive review: “Super easy to install, works perfectly, I can already feel a difference in how the filtered water feels in my hair. Great product. “

Also, remember: a whole house water softener that removes calcium and magnesium

As a true water softener, this water regeneration system uses sodium to remove calcium and magnesium from your water while filtering out chlorine, iron and sediments. The NSF certified water softener needs to be plugged into your home’s main water supply, so it is best for homeowners. The water softener will automatically calculate how much sodium you need based on your water usage, and A low salt indicator shows you when it is time to top up. The frequency of refills varies by household, but one reviewer mentioned using half a sachet of salt per month in a household of four. A step-by-step installation kit is included, but the The system does not come with salt pellets, so you will need to purchase a bag separately.

A positive review: “It worked wonders. City water drained my house and it really dried out our skin (even after applying lotion) and creating buildup with our faucets. Since we started using the fabric softener, our skin doesn’t feel so dry and we’ve noticed fewer deposits. “

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