The 5 Best Septic Warranty Companies (2021)

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If you live in a rural or suburban area, chances are you have a sewer system that you are responsible for maintaining. Having a working sewer system is essential, but it can also be one of the most expensive home systems to repair.

A home warranty can protect your sewage system and give you peace of mind if your system fails. While septic tanks aren’t included in every home warranty policy, most vendors can add a septic tank warranty to your policy for a few extra dollars per month.

If you’re looking to invest in septic tank cover, read this review of the best home warranty providers that offer septic tank warranty.

Top Septic Warranty Company

The five best septic tank cover guarantee companies are:

# 1 Best Overall: American Home Shield

American Home Shield is one of the leading providers of home guarantees in the United States. With over 50 years of experience providing home warranties, American Home Shield is best known for its generous coverage caps and flexible service call charges.

American Home Shield Coverage Plans

American Home Shield offers homeowners three protection plans:

  • System plan: The system plan includes 12 home systems including plumbing, air conditioning, water heaters and electrical.
  • Device plan: The appliance plan includes 10 household appliances, including your washer-dryer unit and your refrigerator.
  • Combined plan: The combination plan includes the protection of systems and devices.

Here’s what you can expect per month and year on your American Home Shield plan:

  • System plan: $ 49.99 per month or $ 599.88 per year
  • Device plan: $ 49.99 per month or $ 599.88 per year
  • Combined plan: $ 59.99 per month or $ 719.88 per year

In addition to these rewards, customers must pay a service fee of $ 75, $ 100, or $ 125 each time a technician comes to repair or replace a system or device.

American Home Shield Septic Coverage

As a first year American Home Shield customer, you can add coverage for your septic tank pump to any home warranty plan for an additional monthly fee. After your first year as a policyholder, you cannot renew your septic tank insurance. Note: The company’s sewer system coverage does not extend to blockages that need to be excavated.

# 2 Best for Older Homes: Choice Home Guarantee

If you live in an older home, we recommend Choice Home Warranty to service your sewer system. Unlike other home warranty providers, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t deny you coverage based on the age of your property as long as all of your home components are working when you sign up for a plan.

Choice Home Warranty Insurance Plans

Choice Home Warranty offers two coverage plans:

  • Basic plan: The basic plan has 14 household components and includes a mix of systems and devices. Items covered range from your heating system to your hob.
  • Overall plan: The master plan includes everything in the baseline plus coverage for four additional home systems and devices.

Here’s what you can expect from the Choice Home Guarantee:

  • Basic plan: $ 36.17 per month or $ 434.04 per year
  • Overall plan: $ 42.50 per month or $ 510 per year

In addition to these rewards, customers must pay a service fee of $ 85.

Choice Home Guarantee Septic Coverage

You can add coverage for a sewer system and a sewer system that pumps to both Choice Home warranty plans. The provider’s sewer system coverage extends to your ejector, jet pump, tank, and septic tank line. Note: Choice will pay no more than $ 500 to repair a sewage treatment plant during your contract period, and the surge limits are capped at $ 250.

# 3 Best Add-Ons: Amazon Home Guarantee

One of the best ways to customize your home warranty terms is with optional supplemental insurance. The Amazon Home Guarantee offers a variety of coverage options with added protection for items like your sewer system and wine refrigerator.

Amazon Home Warranty Coverage Plans

Amazon Home Warranty offers three home warranty plans:

  • Essential Equipment Plan: This home warranty covers eight major appliances, including the refrigerator and microwave.
  • Main system plan: This plan includes eight home systems, including your air conditioning and heating.
  • Combined plan: The combination plan contains all the elements that fall under the plans for essential equipment and critical systems, as well as some additional home components.

Here’s what you can expect from an annual Amazon Home Warranty plan:

  • Essential Equipment Plan: $ 479
  • Main system plan: $ 479
  • Combined plan: $ 579

Customers must also pay a service fee of $ 75.

Amazon Home Warranty Septic Coverage

You can add coverage for your sewer or drainage system to any Amazon Home warranty plan. The company’s sewer system coverage extends to most parts of your sewer system, but does not cover collapsed or interrupted sewers. The company’s septic guarantees are capped at $ 500 per contract period, while the septic pump warranty is capped at $ 200.

# 4 Best for Budget Buyers: Choose Home Warranty

If you’re looking for an affordable home warranty, choose a plan under Select Home Warranty. With three options for less than $ 40 per month and an industry standard service fee of $ 75, Select Home Warranty offers some of the most competitive pricing in the home warranty market.

Choose Home Warranty Coverage Plans

Select Home Warranty offers three coverage plans:

  • Bronze care: The Bronze Care Plan includes eight home appliances, including a stove and dishwasher.
  • Gold care:: The Gold Care plan includes six home systems, including your electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Platinum care: The Platinum Care Plan covers all items under the Gold Care and Bronze Care plans.

Here’s what you can expect from any Select Home warranty plan:

  • Bronze care: $ 35.83 per month or $ 429.96 per year
  • Gold care: $ 35.83 per month or $ 429.96 per year
  • Platinum care: $ 37.50 per month or $ 450 per year

Customers are also expected to pay a service fee of $ 75.

Choose Home Warranty Septic Coverage

Select Home Warranty offers optional sewer system coverage that you can add to any plan. The company’s sewer system coverage extends to your aerobic pump, sewer ejector, jet pump, and septic tank. It does not cover tile fields and leach beds, leach lines, side lines, insufficient capacity issues, septic tank cleaning or pumping.

# 5 Most Comprehensive Damage Coverage: First American Home Warranty

If you’re concerned about coverage limits, consider a First American Home Warranty plan. First American is best known for its optional First Class Upgrade, which allows you to extend the coverage of your plan to systems that have not been properly installed. If you live in an older home this can provide you with a crucial layer of protection.

First American home warranty plans

First American Home Warranty offers two plan options:

  • Basic plan: The basic plan includes nine home appliances, including a refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • foreground: The Premier plan includes all of the devices in the basic plan plus eight home systems.

Here’s what you can expect from any First American Home Warranty plan:

  • Basic plan: $ 28 per month or $ 336 per year
  • foreground: $ 42.50 per month or $ 510 per year

In addition to a monthly premium, customers must pay a $ 75 fee every time they request a service.

First septic coverage of the American house guarantee

You can add septic tank insurance or pump insurance to the First American plan. If you opt for pump cover, First American takes on one pump appointment per contract term. When you choose general sewer system coverage, you get protection for your jet pump, aerobic pump, sewage ejector, and tank. The optional coverage of the sewer system has a limit of $ 500 per contract term.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Septic Guarantee

  • Your location: Not every warranty company offers service in every state. Request a custom quote with your zip code before signing up for coverage.
  • Parts covered:: Your sewage system consists of a number of working parts. Before purchasing a policy, review a sample contract to see what parts are covered.
  • Coverage Limits: Similar to household contents insurance, your septic guarantee contains a maximum amount of cover that limits the scope of the services provided by your policy. For example, if your septic warranty is limited to $ 500, you will not be eligible for any septic repairs or replacements worth more than $ 500 during your contract period. Make sure you understand the limits of your policy before signing up for coverage.


In addition to protecting your sewer system, a home warranty can cover critical home systems and equipment that fail due to normal wear and tear. Before investing in a septic guarantee, it is important to understand exactly what is included in your contract. For example, some septic warranties include coverage for pumping, while others charge an additional fee for this service. Consider inclusions, exclusions, and restrictions before choosing a policy. We recommend requesting offers from American Home Shield, Choice Home Guarantee, Amazon Home Guarantee, Choose Home Warranty, and First American home guarantee This allows you to compare prices and coverage in your region.

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