The 7 Best Kitchen Faucets

  • Installation Compatibility: one hole, three holes

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art kitchen faucet, this one from Moen has an integrated touchless control. with dual sensors that sense movements that trigger the flow of water and allow you to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. And in case you don’t want to use the touchless technology, the faucet also has a single handle to control the temperature and water flow. The spray head is powerful and retractable for easy use.

This kitchen faucet is 15.5 inches tall and designed to be installed in one or three hole configurations (and with or without a top plate). It takes 6 AA batteries so make sure you have them on hand.

Choose from four surfaces: chrome, matt black, oil-rubbed bronze and point-resistant stainless steel. You can get it with one or two sensors, or no sensors if you want a standard faucet with manual control. And if you want to upgrade your faucet even further, this selection is also available in a voice control model. It also has a limited lifetime warranty.

Enthusiastic Amazon Review: “This faucet (with two sensors) takes getting used to, but once you get used to how it works, it is extremely useful. The lower sensor turns the water on whenever an object is pretty much in front of it and within a few inches Distance. (You need to be positioned pretty much under the faucet for it to light up.) […] The top sensor stays on for up to 4 minutes after placing your hand (or an object) over it. If you put something over it again, it will turn off. And of course there is a manual handle that works normally. “

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