The Best Bathroom Sinks for a Stylish Space


Toilets and bathtubs are the obvious stars of any bathroom renovation, but one important part is often forgotten: the sink. Depending on the room layout, a washbasin can catch the eye above everything else. Buying a new washbasin therefore requires careful thought.

The best washbasin doesn’t let you choose between form and function. It suits your decor and needs. The models differ greatly in type, size and style. Sinks can be made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, or even stone. They come round, oval, rectangular or square. Some are wider, longer, and deeper than others. Some contain one faucet hole, others three, which affects faucet compatibility. You can choose between a sink for a luxurious aesthetic or an undercounter sink for a sleeker, cleaner look. To save space, you can also opt for a pedestal washbasin or a wall model.

In other words, choosing a sink is not as easy as it seems. But do not worry; This guide rounds up some of the best sinks out there. Read on to learn more about what makes each of these products so special.

Our top picks

Designing the perfect bathroom for your home is no easy task. To save you the hassle, here is a summary of the sinks, which are characterized by high quality composition, practical dimensions, aesthetic design and easy maintenance.

Best sink Ufaucet


This Europe-inspired modern Ufaucet sink installs easily on most countertops or vanities without the need for a mounting ring or professional help. With its ceramic construction and porcelain surface, it is stylish yet easy to clean. It’s both durable and stain resistant. This simple rectangular sink will suit most bathroom decors.

The sink is 19 cm long, 14 cm wide and 5 cm deep. It’s neither bulky nor too flat. Depth is important as this model does not include an overflow outlet to prevent overflow. Note that the tap and the installation drain are not included in the scope of delivery for this model. However, the sink is compatible with most single-hole faucets.

Best sink oval


This oval over-the-counter sink from Kichae is affordable without sacrificing quality. It consists of smooth and polished porcelain and is dirt-repellent, acid-resistant and splinter-free. It’s durable, easy to clean, and gives the bathroom a sleek, contemporary look.

The sink is 16 cm long, 13 cm wide and 5.5 cm deep. Its shape and size prevent overflow without overflow. Most importantly, this model is easy to install, making it a great choice for amateur renovators and home improvement enthusiasts.

Best sink faucet


This artistic combination of sink and faucet by ARTETHYS breaks away from the traditional ceramic or porcelain composition. The oval washbasin above the counter offers a trendy, contemporary and colorful design for an outstanding bathroom decor. The hand-painted pattern is available in ocean blue with black accents or silver. It is made of thick, sturdy, tempered glass, is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. At 21 inches long and 6.3 inches deep, the sink is designed to prevent overflow.

In contrast to many sinks, the faucet, the installation drain and the mounting ring are included. The one-handed bronze faucet complements the design without overpowering the bowl’s bright colors. Last but not least, a faucet aerator running at 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) is included to conserve water.

Best sink Nantucket


For a simple, space-saving sink, consider a sub-mount model like this one. With its immaculate white color and rectangular shape, this under the counter sink from Nantucket Sinks is versatile enough to match many different styles. The vitreous porcelain with porcelain enamel glaze is both simple and polished, durable and easy to clean.

Since there is no over-the-counter rimming, installation may require custom fixtures and professional help. The outside measures 18 inches long and 13 inches wide while the inside is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide. At nearly 7 inches deep and with an overflow outlet, it’s a sleek, clean, and dirt-free sink. It requires at least a 21-inch cabinet base. The tap is not included with this model.

Best sink ship


The Lordear 24-inch washbasin matches a refined, European-inspired, contemporary aesthetic. The white, rectangular sink with rounded corners is made of fireclay. This type of ceramic is fired at a temperature of 1380 degrees Fahrenheit for a solid finish that is resistant to stains, fire, and flaking. Dirt does not easily adhere to the surface, resulting in an overall easy-to-clean and low-maintenance sink.

This over-counter model can be installed without professional help. No mounting ring is required. The faucet is not included, but is compatible with most one-hand taps. At 24 “long, 15” wide, and 5 “deep, this sink is on the bulkier side, which is great for large vanities, but less so for tight spaces.

Best sink wall


There’s nothing like a wall-mounted sink to make a tiny bathroom feel less cramped. This Kichae sink has been certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and complies with the Uniform Plumbing Code. It conforms to US and Canadian standards. It can sit over the counter or be mounted directly on the wall.

The white porcelain construction is smooth, non-porous and resistant to bacterial growth, making it durable and easy to clean. It measures 8 inches long, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep, which means it is suitable for almost any size bathroom. The tap itself is not included.

Best sink ship


If ceramic or porcelain doesn’t stimulate your imagination, this Puluomis sink might just be what you are looking for. The frosted tempered glass bowl with a single chrome faucet and hinged drain makes for a simple yet elegant style. The glossy surface of the round bowl is easy to clean. The thick glass is durable and does not break easily.

With a diameter of 16 inches and a bowl depth of 5 inches, this sink is suitable for vanities of many sizes. The tap, the installation drain and the mounting ring are included in the scope of delivery.

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