The Best Pedestal Sink Options for the Bathroom


When you’re remodeling your bathroom, no ingenuity can turn a tiny powder room into a luxuriously large space. However, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your limited bathroom space. For those looking to maximize footprint or want a simple freshening up of the vintage bathroom, a pedestal sink is an excellent alternative to a vanity unit.

However, there is a lot to consider before buying a pedestal washbasin. Most models are made of ceramic or glass china, although some are made of glass, metal, or granite. Their dimensions can also vary widely; Some models are significantly higher, longer or deeper than others. Some basins are round and some are square, while others are oval or rectangular. Another thing to think about is whether you want a pedestal sink with one or three faucet holes. Center hole holes are for one-handed faucets, while three-hole sinks can accommodate faucets with separate temperature controls. The colors and the edge area of ​​the pedestal washbasins also differ from design to design.

Finding the best sink for your bathroom will require you to make more decisions than you imagined. We made your search easier by searching for the best pedestal sinks on the market and finding the ones that best fit your decor and budget.

Our top picks

We chose these eight pedestal sinks to be the best on the market. All are characterized by high quality craftsmanship, polished design and space-saving practicality. There are still many decisions to make when renovating your bathroom – like sink color, faucet style, and faucet metal color – but this list is a great place to start.

The best option for pedestal sinks: KOHLER Veer ceramic pedestal sinks with overflow


The Veer ceramic pedestal sink from Kohler is stylish yet simple. It is made of glass-like porcelain and has an elegant, contemporary design with no Frou-Frou decorations. It’s 35.5 inches high and comes in either a 21-inch or 24-inch sink width. In fact, buyers can do more than customize its dimensions. The Veer washbasin is available in nine different shades of porcelain, including white, biscuit, dune, black, thunder gray, ice gray, almond, sandbar and cashmere. In addition, it is available with a single faucet hole or three holes and either 4 “or 8” faucet centers.

The Kohler Veer is rectangular with a 4 inch deep curved basin. One of the advantages of this pedestal washbasin is that it has an overflow hole in the basin that allows air to circulate and prevents overflow. We also think it’s good that this pedestal sink has space on its sides for soap or toiletries, which does not apply to all space-saving sinks. As with most sinks, the faucet must be purchased separately.

The best option for pedestal sinks: combi basins with plinth from the first series 1920


The Foremost 1920 series pedestal washbasin is an excellent, budget-friendly option for shoppers looking to spend a lot or sacrifice quality. With its glass-like porcelain composition, classic white color and art deco aesthetic, it gives a bathroom flair and elegance without taking up much space.

The sink’s rectangular basin is 5.5 inches deep with three 4 inch holes in the center of the faucet and overflow outlets to prevent overflow. At over 37 inches tall, the sink is tall enough to avoid back strain when washing hands, but it can be too big for families with young children. There is space for a few toiletries at the edge of the sink.

The dimensions of the 1920 pedestal sink are 37 “high, 19¼” wide and 15 “deep. Tilt screws for easy installation are included.

The best option for pedestal sinks: Zip Code Design Thomaston 20 '' Circular pedestal sinks


The Thomaston Circular pedestal washbasin by Zipcode Design offers a funky yet tasteful element that enhances the look of your bathroom. With its curvy, cylindrical shape, it creatively breaks away from the traditional silhouette of a wide basin and a narrow footwash basin. The Thomaston sink is made of white glass porcelain that is resistant to stains, rust and scratches. It’s both catching and practical.

This pedestal washbasin has an overflow outlet to prevent spillage and is compatible with any single hole faucet. Its basin is round and 5.5 cm deep. The total height of the sink is 33 inches, which is convenient for kids and smaller adults, but can put some strain on the back of taller adults. At 20 inches in diameter, this isn’t the most space-saving pedestal sink on the market. So make sure you have enough space for it.

The best option for pedestal sinks: KOHLER Memoirs ceramic pedestal sinks with overflow


Kohler’s Memoirs pedestal sink has sharp lines vaguely reminiscent of modernized Greek columns and Art Deco architecture of the early 20th century. The overall effect is a mix of old fashioned charm and modern elegance. It is available in nine colors, from white to black and from ice gray to cashmere. It consists of fireclay, a very durable ceramic material whose surface is more matt than that of glass-like porcelain. Buyers can choose from 4-inch and 8-inch faucet centers or single-hole faucets. The washbasin is also available in three sizes.

The basin is rectangular and 5 cm deep. Three overflow holes are built into the design to prevent splashing and overflow. The edge space is also quite wide, leaving about 3 inches of space on each side for toiletries and personal items.

The best option for pedestal washbasins: KOHLER Cimarron ceramic pedestal washbasin with overflow


Kohler’s Cimarron pedestal washbasin is characterized by sleek lines that combine traditional and contemporary aesthetics. It is made of glass-like porcelain and is available in seven colors, from white to black and from dune to ice gray. It is available in variations that are compatible with Centeret faucets as well as 4 “or 8” faucet centers. Like other Kohler sinks, it has an overflow hole in the basin to keep water out of the bottom.

The pedestal Cimarron sink is 34 ½ inches high and 23 inches wide. The U-shaped bowl is 3 inches deep, making it a bit shallower than the competition. As a bonus, the base on this base is wide enough to hide the lines behind it.

The best pedestal sink option: Barclay 3-871WH Stanford U-shaped pedestal sink


The 3-871WH Stanford model by Barclay brings Edwardian charm into the 21st century with its glass-like porcelain composition, smooth angles and raised rim. Complete the farmhouse look with a tall bronze faucet or pair it with a simpler stainless steel light fixture for a more contemporary aesthetic. The sink is available in either white or bisque and can be purchased with a centeret faucet hole or with 4 “or 8” faucet centers. It is available in different wash basin widths and plinth heights, making it easy to find the perfect furniture for your bathroom.

At 6 inches deep, the sink’s U-shaped bowl is slightly deeper than average. While it includes an overflow outlet, the thick rim further helps prevent overflow.

The best option for pedestal sinks: The renovators deliver pedestal sinks made of Bohemian glass


If you’re looking to break away from traditional ceramic or glass-porcelain sinks, The Renovators Supply’s Bohemia Glass pedestal sink is an option worth considering. The red oak base is topped with a tempered glass jar for a polished and unique contemporary look. A matching tempered glass base underneath the jar conveniently catches spilled material and provides space for toiletries and personal items. This is a particularly handy feature as this sink does not have an overflow outlet. A towel rail is mounted on the base for additional convenience.

This sink is available with fittings made of chrome or gold brass. The special thing about this pedestal washbasin is that the individual chrome tap and the supply lines are included in the scope of delivery. The sink measures 33 inches from the basin to the bottom of its base. The basin is square with rounded corners and measures 23.6 cm long and 5 cm deep.

The best option for pedestal sinks: fine fittings Roosevelt Vitreous China pedestal sinks


Fine Fixtures’ Roosevelt pedestal sink features an oval basin 9 inches deep, making it one of the deepest pedestal sink options on the market. It is made of shiny, glass-like porcelain and is resistant to stains, rust, flaking, tarnishing and scratches. Like most other pedestal sinks, it has an overflow hole to prevent water from spilling.

This pedestal sink is 34 inches high which is tall enough for most adults and easy to get to for children. However, the edge space is limited, so that hardly more than a toothbrush and toothpaste are possible.

This sink is available in white or biscuit and is 18 “or 22” wide. You can also choose between a centeret faucet bracket or one with a 4 inch faucet. The tap itself is not included.

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