The best touchless kitchen faucet

If your focus is on preparing a delicious dinner and your hands are dirty after chopping and blending ingredients, a no-touch kitchen faucet can save time and prevent the spread of bacteria on the handles.

Touchless models, like any faucet, are available in different designs and sizes. They also differ in features like sensor design, water saving features, and power source.

To find out more about touchless kitchen faucets, keep reading our buying guide. An energy-efficient touchless faucet like the KOHLER Sensate touchless kitchen faucet could change your experience of preparing and cleaning meals.

Considerations When Choosing Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Sensor sensitivity and accuracy

A faulty or inferior sensor completely destroys the purpose of a touchless faucet. The sensor warns the device when it is switched on and off. A faucet should have an accurate sensor, but it needs to strike a balance between being highly sensitive and unresponsive. Choose a unit with multiple sensors for added flexibility.

Sink size

How big is your sink A compact touchless faucet can appear awkward when installed on a double sink. Similarly, avoid installing a giant touchless faucet on a tiny, slim sink. When in doubt, take measurements to choose a faucet that will perfectly match your sink.


All you need is a simple set of tools and you shouldn’t have any trouble installing a battery operated touchless faucet yourself. However, electronic faucets may require the help of a professional.

Style and design

Chrome or silver, a faucet should match the style of your kitchen. Choose a model with a design and finish that will blend seamlessly with the interior. Thankfully, there are a number of touchless faucet styles to choose from.


Energy source

Battery operated faucets are easy to install and energy efficient. However, they occasionally require new battery packs. Read reviews to find out what others are saying about a model’s battery performance. Ideally, you should only need to change the batteries once every 12 months.

Electronic faucets are a little more difficult to install and have a negligible impact on your electricity bill. Unless you’re particularly practical, consider the installation cost in the total price of a faucet.

Hose length

A retractable hose is helpful for washing dishes and should be long enough for easy maneuvering. An extra long hose may be required for a deep sink. You should be able to reach every corner of your sink with the hose from your faucet. Take into account the depth of your sink to determine the height of your faucet as well.

Simply put the retractable hose back into the housing by opting for a retractable model. Most non-contact faucets have automatically retractable hoses. Manually retracted hoses can be awkward to operate.

save water

Touchless kitchen faucets can help you reduce water consumption throughout the day. Some models have an automatic shut-off function that turns off the tap when not in use. Models with a retractable hose can turn off the water as soon as the hose is reattached.


You can protect your investment by choosing a model that comes with a generous guarantee. You can rest assured and should anything happen to your faucet it will be fixed.


Touchless faucets are more expensive than conventional kitchen faucets. You’ll pay at least $ 125 for a non-contact model, but models go for up to $ 400. Non-contact high-end kitchen fittings generally have more precise sensors and water-saving functions.


Question: is there any way to override the sensor and use the faucet like a normal one?

ON. Touchless kitchen faucets usually have a conventional handle in addition to a sensor. It is possible to override the sensor mechanism and use the handle instead of relying on a device’s sensors.

Question: How is the water temperature of a touchless faucet set?

ON. With a temperature control unit on most non-contact faucets, users can adjust the temperature. Certain models can remember the selected temperature setting so that it does not have to be selected every time you turn on the tap.

We recommend contactless kitchen fittings

Best of the best: KOHLER’s Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet

Our opinion: A sleek and powerful faucet with practical features.

What we like: Ability to maintain temperature. Automatic shutdown within 4 minutes. The spray function is useful for washing dishes.

What we don’t like: Certain parts need to be replaced after frequent use.

The best for your money: FLob Motion Sensor kitchen faucet from Biobidet

Our opinion: An attractive, automatically retractable faucet at a reasonable price.

What we like: Robust design. Easy to install. Works as a normal faucet when needed. Automatic shutdown when retracting.

What we don’t like: The placement of the sensor may not be suitable for all users.

Choice 3: Moen’s Arbor Motionsense Contactless kitchen faucet with two sensors

Our opinion: A versatile touchless faucet with multiple sensors for added convenience.

What we like: Installation is easy. Has two sensors and a handle.

What we don’t like: One of the sensors only turns the water on for 3 seconds.

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