The Nine Best Kitchen Rugs You Can Buy Online, According to Customer Reviews

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to justify splashing around on a beautiful kitchen rug when you know it will spill, skip, and wear out in just a short amount of time. But there are plenty of kitchen mats and rugs that offer the best of both worlds and strike a balance between style and function.

If you choose the right design, kitchen rugs will not only help tie your kitchen to the rest of your home, but they will also provide more support and comfort in a space where you stand a lot. Whether you’re looking for the perfect kitchen runner, a comfy kitchen mat for the sink, or even a kitchen rug, there are tons of highly rated options available online.

The best kitchen carpets

To help you find the best kitchen rugs, mats, and rugs, we’ve sorted thousands of customer reviews across popular online stores to identify nine superior options. Shop the top rated kitchen rugs below.

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Best kitchen runner: Unique loom Sofia collection Traditional vintage runner carpet

This vintage-inspired runner offers a desperate look that makes it a successful choice for a high-traffic area like the kitchen. It has received thousands of rave customer reviews on Amazon, most of whom praise it for its beautiful pattern, easy-to-clean material, and vibrant appearance. “I’ve only received compliments since putting this rug in our kitchen,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s the perfect runner for a long, open kitchen.” Another customer added that this runner “goes without the tape,” which is a handy feature if your rug is seeing a lot of action.

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Shop Now: Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Runner Carpet, $ 23.49 (was $ 39),

Best Anti-Fatigue: Sky Solutions Oasis Anti-Fatigue Mat

Whether you’re washing dishes, preparing meals, or cooking on the stove, standing on hard kitchen floors for long periods of time can harm your body. To reduce the pressure your joints can feel while standing, you need a mat with the right balance between pillow and support. This anti-fatigue mat does just that. A thick layer of soft foam helps relieve pressure on the spine and lower back, as well as relieving stress on the joints and muscles in the legs. Customers not only appreciate how supported this mat makes them feel, but also how durable and robust it is.

Shop Now: Sky Solutions Oasis Anti-Fatigue Mat, starting at $ 34.97,

Best set: K-Mat kitchen mat set

Don’t underestimate the difference a kitchen mat kit can make in your daily life. These rectangular non-slip mats align to form a path along the kitchen floor so you always have a comfortable place to put your feet. Customers love how versatile and plush they are. “These mats are a great addition to our kitchen,” wrote one customer. “I love the color and the look.”

Shop Now: K-Mat Kitchen Mat Set, starting at $ 27.99 (down from $ 39.99),

Best washable: ReaLife carpets Machine washable carpets

An easy-to-clean kitchen rug is key, especially if you live with children and pets. This machine washable product from ReaLife Rugs makes cleaning up a breeze. Just throw it in the washing machine after the spill and it will come out like new. One reviewer wrote that this rug was “easy to wash and quick to air dry”. It is important to note, however, that the size of this rug, measuring 3 by 5 feet, is the largest that will fit in a household washing machine.

Shop Now: ReaLife Rugs Machine Washable Carpet, from $ 54,

Most ergonomic: GelPro Elite Decorator grid kitchen mat

While this kitchen mat is on the more expensive side, it’s well worth the effort. Designed with an exclusive therapeutic gel, it makes standing for long periods of time easier for the back and joints. Place the smallest version of this dishwashing mat next to the kitchen sink or upgrade to runner size for added convenience throughout the kitchen. Customers praise this mat for its supportive pillow and design options, and appreciate how easy it is to clean.

Shop Now: GelPro Elite Decorator Lattice Kitchen Mat, starting at $ 124.99,

Best carpet: Maple carpets Georgina traditional carpet

If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen with a rug but are hesitant to invest in one that knows how easy it can get dirty, consider this under $ 20 option. It comes in a traditional pattern with three different color options, all as elegant as their more expensive counterparts. According to customers, the low-pile carpet is soft, but not too thick. Many reviewers also note that the handles on the bottom help reduce slippage. Overall, this kitchen carpet has an excellent price-performance ratio.

Shop Now: Maples Rugs Georgina Traditional Area Carpet, starting at $ 15.99 (down from $ 19.46),

Best water resistance: iDesign bamboo floor mat

This waterproof and non-slip bamboo floor mat is ideal for a kitchen. The natural bamboo material has a water-resistant coating and is lined with sturdy fabric, which contributes to its durability. In addition to the clean and natural aesthetics, customers also appreciate the smooth texture and sturdy construction of the mat. “It doesn’t slip around and is very easy to clean,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

Shop Now: iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat, starting at $ 13.79,

Best Kitchen Sink Rug: Cozy Homeer semicircular rug

A good kitchen mat is a game changer for standing in front of a sink full of dirty dishes, especially when the carpet is just the right size. This semicircular rug fits well over most kitchen sinks and is available in multiple colors to suit a range of kitchen styles. The structured design is soft and padded, yet extremely supportive. Reviews also confirm that the rubber backing holds this kitchen mat in place without much adjustment.

Shop Now: Cozy Homeer Half Round Rug, starting at $ 15.99,

Best accent rug: NuLoom Moroccan Blythe accent rug

This premium accent rug is available in a variety of contemporary Moroccan-inspired patterns and will add a welcome splash of color to your kitchen. The low pile rug is as functional as it is stylish as it is designed for easy maintenance. Many reviewers praise this kitchen rug for being easy to clean. This is great for something that is likely to be prone to spills and spills.

Shop Now: NuLoom Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug, starting at $ 15.50 (down from $ 42),

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