The Price of Plumbing – Source of the Spring

“Have you had to call a plumber lately? Plumbing prices have skyrocketed along with other manual jobs. This is due to a variety of factors, from inflation and labor shortages to general price gouging. Unfortunately, many of the major plumbing companies take advantage of homeowners and often charge up to $ 1000 to clean a clogged drain. We have seen prices in excess of $ 15,000 for problems with underground pipes. Pretty scary.

“The Drain Guys, based in Rockville, Maryland, were founded to provide homeowners with an alternative to the huge corporations. They are licensed and insured and offer high quality plumbing at a guaranteed lower price than companies like Roto-Rooter or Len the Plumber. Their owners take pride in providing honest, affordable, and safe service to the community.

“The Drain Guys is also a firm believer in protecting customers and employees from COVID-19. Hence, vaccination is mandatory for employees and all COVID safety protocols are followed in accordance with modern science. They believe the only way to stop the pandemic is for us all to work together. The Drain Guys hope to lead by example by demanding vaccinated employees and urging other trade-based companies to do the same.

“If you have problems with the plumbing, call The Drain Guys at 240-885-9264 or request a local plumber on their website. They offer free estimates. “

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