This all-electric off-road teardrop trailer redefines the luxury of your camping experience!

Those who enjoy camping and who spend most of their time living outdoors – a comfortable camping pendant is a way to go. However, when a caravan is raised to a higher level of comfortable and convenient domination, the experience is raised to a whole new level. From all camper We have seen so far that the Colorado Campworks NS-1 is a complete package for digital nomads who are only satisfied with the best. Their design philosophy reflects their motives and aims to improve camping to the point where it is reinvented.

Thomas Hoffman, a design student at the University of Colorado, made it to EarthRoamer (the famous manufacturer of overland RVs) as part of his senior design project. This improved his overlander skills and he finally had the confidence to create something of his own – creating a teardrop trailer startup that can now be considered the best camper trailer money can buy . The NS-1 (Nomadic Systems 1) had been in the works since his design project at the university, and when Hoffman was convinced of its capabilities, the project finally came true. This fully electric, robust camper is operated exclusively with solar energy and can supply the on-board electronics and devices such as cabin heating, kitchen, lighting and more with electricity. This is achieved with the 200 W solar cells mounted on the roof, the 200 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery and the 3,000 W inverter. Although the teardrop camper is very compact, the occupants won’t miss anything inside.

The trailer on the off-road bikes consists of a mono composite shell with insulation on the inside. With the needs of overlanding adventures in mind, NS-1 can carry whatever is needed – a shovel, canister, surfboard mount, or bike rack. There’s space for storage and a queen-size mattress that can be rolled up to convert the storage bed into a dining room for two. For water needs, the trailer has a Front Runner awning, 20 gallon water tank, water heater and the convenience of an outdoor shower that provides hot water for a relaxing soak in the serene natural surroundings.

The electric kitchen can be upgraded to a full-size kitchen (for an additional $ 3,250) that comes with a Traeger smoker, Breville Smart Oven, SnoMaster cooler, and other extras, plus the pull-out basic kitchen with drawers. Sink and electric hob. The trailer can also be upgraded with three options: a Digital Nomad add-on valued at $ 2,500 (plus WiFi and charging station), a Supercharged package valued at $ 6,000 (doubling battery power), or the Four Season $ 3,000 package (insulation, heated water tank, and water circulation capability).

That’s on top of the $ 36,000 price tag for the trailer, which sure sounds expensive, but the options it offers for the base package are also worth mentioning – not to mention the powder-coated tubular frame and off-road capability of the Timbren 3500 HD axleless suspension , electric drum brakes and the 15-inch wheels are centered in 285 / 70R15 BFGoodrich KO2 off-road tires. For someone who already likes the prospect of the Colorado Campworks NS-1 RV, there’s also a base model in factories that retails for $ 20,000.

Designer: Colorado Campworks

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