This Houston plumber is helping families, elderly with free fixes

For Raymond Garcia, giving back is an act of love inspired by his mother.

Garcia lost his mother, Elisa Jaramillo Romero, to COVID-19 last week. In honor of his mother, Garcia is on a mission to help other Houston residents who broke pipes in the Texas winter storm. Garcia believes helping a mother with six children and the elderly who are struggling without water is important.

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“That’s why I do everything for the elderly, because I lost my mother,” Garcia told Chron. “I see that a lot of older people are injured.”

Garcia is helping fellow Houston residents repair water pipes for free and has broken pipes for more than 20 homes in the Houston area. He does not ask for anything in return. When people choose to give him money for their repair repairs, he offers the money to his partner for the repairs.

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Posted by Raymond Garcia on Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Garcia said he thinks his mother would be happy if he could help people who were badly hit during that winter storm.

“Right now my mother is looking down from the sky and smiling,” said Garcia. “Some time ago, she told me, the day I see you are fine, I’ll go. You don’t need money or whatever to help people. Do it with the goodness of your heart . “

Garcia said the Houston community comes first when it comes to repairs. He stressed the importance of people not believing that giving back is all about money.

“It’s not always about money,” said Garcia. “I do this to help other people. There are fighting people out there.”

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