This kitchen appliance will effectively turn all your food waste into nutrient-rich soil fertilizer

In a way, the Reencle is the ideal example of a circular economy … because, technically, you are using food to grow more food. Developed to effectively compost food waste and break it down into nutrient-rich fertilizers, the Reencle is a compact, quiet and odor-free kitchen appliance that makes good use of your food waste; Though that shouldn’t be an excuse for wasting more food!

Designer: Jinhwi Bang

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Food waste is a burgeoning problem in the US, with roughly 30-40% of the food supply being thrown in the trash (that’s about 1 pound per person per day, which is over 200 billion tons in America alone) … now sure, most of that Waste occurs in the supply chain or as rejected food, but a significant portion of this large amount comes from households in the form of food waste, bones / shells, discarded leftovers or expired products. Hoping to use this waste wisely so it doesn’t end up in a landfill and generate tons of CO2 and methane as it decomposes, the Reencle is a home solution that helps break down food efficiently in a way that it does to a rich compost that will benefit the planet instead of harming it. Microorganisms inside the inner chamber of the Reencle break down the food in about 24 hours, creating a compost that can be used in gardens, backyards, houseplants, or even disposed of so that it doesn’t harm the environment.

About the size of a trash can, Reencle has an auto-opening lid (powered by a foot sensor that opens the lid when you’re nearby) and a control panel that you can use to operate the device. Once you’ve disposed of your trash, simply pour Reencle’s sachet of organic additives (the microcultures are inside) along with some water to wake up and hydrate the microorganisms, and the composting machine starts to work.

A mechanical stirring system in the inner chamber of the Reencle mixes, rotates, aerates and compacts the food waste and organic additives, reducing the volume of waste in just one hour with vigorous mixing. The organic cultures feed on the food and release odors and gases that are trapped in the reencle. All emissions are directed through the multi-stage filter system of the device and the odor molecules are trapped within an activated carbon layer within the filter system. All you have left are traces of water vapor and clean air coming out of the device.

Organisms devour your food waste in less than 24 hours.

Effective 3-stage filter system.

Ultimately, with Reencle you get a rich compost mixture that you can use in your own garden together with soil in a ratio of 1: 4 (1 part compost to 4 parts soil). The compost can be used, stored for later, or even disposed of and will help you get rid of food without adding to the food waste problem. The Reencles tested in Korea have over 45,000 units sold in the country alone and are hoping to find their way to the US to solve the escalating food waste problem that is emerging in domestic settings. The device hardly takes up space, requires neither installation nor piping and can be stored in the kitchen, where its odor-proof construction ensures that no undesirable odors enter your home. Each Reencle comes with a 1 year guarantee and even comes with its own tablespoon for contactless use so you don’t have to touch anything or wash / disinfect your hands afterwards!

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 399 $ 699 (42% off). Hurry up, exclusive to YD readers only!

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