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When it comes to plumbing, there are some services that are necessary in case something goes wrong. Routine plumbing is important, but a plumber is usually called when a problem arises. When you need a professional to help you with a wide range of services, turn to Pacific Drain, a San Diego emergency plumber who can do the job. Take a look below to find all of the things this company can do, whether you are in a bind or not.


The most important thing a plumbing company can offer is expertise. In addition to having veterans who have worked in the industry for decades, Pacific Drain also has young students who are on the cutting edge of plumbing technology and science. They want that balance between those who have worked in this field all their professional lives and others who are technically and scientifically up to date. With Pacific Drain you have both.

Inspections & cleanings

If you’re not sure what your plumbing problem is but you know something is wrong, skilled plumbers will use a camera inspection to pinpoint the problem first. If a sewer pipe is broken, plumbers need to find out where the break is. With modern video technology, installers can see the position, depth and condition of the pipes. After about an hour, professional plumbing technicians can find the problem and tell you how much it will cost to fix it. Another service provided by the plumber is sewer cleaning. If you own or manage a home, you will need routine services to clean your drain. Whatever type of drainage problem the house has can be fixed by a plumbing professional.

Pipe lining & bursting

With the latest permalateral pipe lining, plumbers can lay new pipes without digging trenches. This can take up to 50 years or more without the expense and inconvenience of digging in your home. Beyond installing a new pipe system, burst lining can replace your old pipe in the same way with trenchless sewer rehabilitation. The pipe bursting technique pulls a head unit sideways through the damaged duct, smashes it and pushes the fragments into the ground. Then a polyethylene pipe is installed.

Sewer remodeling & repair

In general, if you want to convert your septic tank into a sewer it is a pretty straightforward process that starts with digging up the sewer pipe between the house and the septic tank. The plumber intercepts the sewer system and redirects it to the main sewer system in the simplest possible way for smoother plumbing work. Then, when a sewer needs to be rehabilitated, new technologies enable modern repair methods that allow you to choose the solution that suits your needs and the requirements of the property.


The method used for the excavation is the traditional “dig and repair” style. This is the best option and is most commonly used for sewer pipes because it is the easiest. With two basic types of repairs, Spot Repair and Open Cut are the best options. Spot repair is when a single hole is used. This is the case when a problem area is easily accessible and there is only a single local break or leak in the pipe, but the rest is in good condition. Open cut is when you are digging a trench to replace a long pipe. This is typically used when the circumstances and condition of the pipes do not permit trenchless lining or pipe bursting.

No matter the size of your home, if you need an installation quickly, calling a reliable person is a good idea. While you want a plumbing company with experience, you also want them to be on the cutting edge of plumbing technology. With all kinds of new technologies, the field is changing and becoming more and more demanding.

Whether you are in need of service right now or want to convert your septic tank into a sewer system, companies like Pacific Drain can provide all the services you need. As modern plumbing continues to grow, there will be new ways to save money, water, and keep the soil around our homes cleaner than ever. When you need a plumbing expert, don’t settle for less.

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