Tips to prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Kentucky experiences freezing temperatures every year. With these freezing temperatures come frozen pipes, and the same advice is repeated every winter.

“You want to try to eliminate sources of cold or cold air near your water lines. Let a small drop of water run overnight. Open your kitchen cabinet doors to expose those pipes to warmer temperatures, ”said Susan Lancho of Kentucky American Water.

According to Lancho, this winter was difficult as storms supplied thousands of households with electricity and heat. She says isolation is important then.

“Some foam insulation you might have on hand. That kind of thing. Something like this can also help prevent these pipes from freezing, ”said Lancho.

While people might think older pipes are more likely to freeze or break, Lancho says this is more common in new homes or with first-time homeowners.

“Maybe they haven’t spent the winter in a new place to live, and that’s why they don’t know that some of those pipes in this house were previously frozen,” Lancho said.

Whether it’s an old house or a new one, the most important thing is knowing where your main water valve is so you can turn off the water if a pipe freezes. She says it is best to be prepared for any eventuality.

“And take action before the cold weather is here to keep those pipes from freezing,” Lancho said.

The next time you turn the water back on, do it slowly to check for cracks or leaks.

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