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Turning ideas into achievements drives the communicator of the industry

Tom Cohn has demonstrated an ability to create communities of like-minded professionals in the kitchen and bathroom industry, harness their passion and translate ideas into accomplishments that have made a meaningful, positive difference.

Cohn, the owner of Cohn Communications and exec. vp from the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association in Bethesda, MD helped found the DPHA in 2001. Under his leadership, the association has grown into North America’s largest trading organization for decorative plumbing and hardware hardware. He is also the author of the DPHA Signature Program, a 22-volume modular training program that teaches showroom consultants how to sell high quality and luxury decorative plumbing and hardware products to architects, designers, builders, plumbers and homeowners.

During his tenure at DPHA, Cohn helped create, manage and promote the DPHA through the DPH Perspectives column on the Kitchen & Bath Design News, DPHA Awards and Scholarship Programs, Council of Fellows and DPHA Annual Conference and Product Showcase. For 11 years he managed Forte, a purchasing organization for decorative plumbing and hardware companies. As a result, he was hired to lead and grow the Bath & Kitchen Business Group. He has helped make BKBG a growth partner for independent distributors for kitchen and bathroom exhibitions and design-build organizations.

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