Trenchless Sewer Offers New Age Alternatives to Pipe Replacement

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A Miami company saves homeowners and businesses installation costs by replacing expensive replacement pipes with high-tech pipe repairs.

According to owner John Walters, Trenchless Sewer’s highly skilled team has been solving plumbing problems for residential and commercial sewer systems in Miami for three years. Recent advances in technology are giving consumers more options to choose from, while saving money and hassle, he said.

Instead of replacing old cast iron pipes that have cracks or leaks, he puts in a new liner or other product so the old pipes don’t have to be removed. For example, repairs with UV light systems take only a few moments to dry, instead of the hours of work that goes into digging sewer systems in a house. When the pipe damage is significant, Trenchless Sewer uses flexible epoxy liners that create new pipes in old pipes.

“It’s a new process,” said Walters, a construction and renovation business veteran. “It’s a revolutionary high-tech process that not everyone has. The average plumber wouldn’t know what it is or how it works. “

The work is usually done outdoors. This avoids the need to break floors. This is an expensive, disruptive, and potentially dangerous scenario that carries the risk of excessive labor costs, the displacement of homeowners, and the potential for bacterial infestation from sewage runoff. Regarding the reliability of the “trenchless” process, Walters said he never had to go back and do the job again for a client.

Before any repair, the sewer pipe is usually checked with a flexible camera to check the damage level and structure of the sewer pipe and to see how much debris there is in the pipe. An access hole is dug for this part in the shallowest part of the sewer, usually just outside the house. Waste that collects along the inner lining of sewer pipes is usually flushed out with a hydro-jetter or water snake.

Repair options without excavation include Trenchless CIPP, a cured pipe liner where a flexible, epoxy-saturated liner is installed through the prepared drain line. Alternatively, the company offers other options, such as: B. Replacing parts and installing PVC piping to ensure homes are leak-free.

Trenchless Sewer offers, among other things, 24-hour emergency sewer repair, leak detection, inspections of video cameras, sewer beams and pipe repairs. Miami-based Trenchless Sewer also operates in Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando, and North Florida.

One of the largest markets is the real estate industry, a market that is under long-term economic pressure. To address some of these financial challenges, the company offers its customers exceptional service at the most competitive prices.

Most of Walter’s work is in the residential sector, and he suggests that homeowners research their sewer systems. Many never flush their lines or perform maintenance. Clogged clogs cause cast iron pipes to rust faster, resulting in expensive repairs. For preventive maintenance, Trenchless performs sewage jets and has a machine that grinds pipes so they don’t stick to pipe walls.

While cast iron pipes are prone to fuses, empty septic tanks can also create problems, and regular sewer system maintenance will save money in the long run, he said. Trenchless pipe repairs come with a guarantee of up to 50 years, compared to the 5 year guarantee that is typical for original pipes. Pipe repairs can save consumers up to 75 percent on pipe replacement costs, he added.

“It’s like going to a cardiologist,” Walters said of the reluctance of many homeowners to maintain their sewers. “They don’t leave until they have a heart attack.”

Walters practices what he preaches. He often visits trade shows and keeps up to date with the latest and greatest technologies in the plumbing industry.

“I try to stay up to date with what’s new and working,” said Walters.
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