Tricia Stevens, S&S Custom Home Designs

Whether you’re doing a home remodeling project or a new build, S&S Custom Home Designs, Inc. is your one-stop design company.

Jack and Tricia Stevens founded S&S Custom Home Designs as a home design company in early 1997 and expanded it into a design-build construction company a year later. For over 23 years S&S Custom Home Designs has designed houses, built new houses, remodeled houses and even done some commercial upgrades.

Often times, customers doing a home remodeling project waste time communicating with too many different companies. Home remodeling can get complicated quickly and there can be many moving parts.

But with S&S Custom Home Designs, customers appreciate that they can save time and money by working with just one company. In addition, based on their many years of experience, customers often say that the finished product is exactly how the customer imagined it.

“We have learned from several customers that it is more convenient and less confusing than having to go to several different companies,” said Tricia. “We all love what we do here and our passion drives us to invest the hours and get it right. That makes the process really pleasant for our customers. “

Tricia says she is passionate about her job knowing that she is working with her clients’ biggest investments: their homes.

“Whether I’m working on a remodel and keeping the house in tip-top shape, or working on a custom house, I’ll build someone the ideal home for them and their family,” she said. “I am so grateful to my customers that they invited me and trust me to make their dreams come true.”

Her favorite projects are kitchens and bathrooms. For Tricia, designing a kitchen that her customers love means a kitchen with plenty of storage space and counter space. For bathrooms, Tricia knows that a great selection of tiles can completely improve aesthetics. Her goal is to make the rooms she redesigns functional, bright and elegant.

Your team at S&S Custom Home Designs can install new plumbing fixtures, electrical components and custom cabinets. You can also install custom showers that are ADA compliant.

S&S Custom Home Designs also offers interior design services. Your interior designer follows a thorough process to make sure the job goes smoothly. You will be:

Meet with you to get a better idea of ​​your vision and budget

Offer unlimited designs to choose from, including custom options

Create blueprints using a 3D rendering of the floor plan of your home

S&S Custom Home Designs has been a family business for 25 years. Call 205-202-1171 today to schedule service appointments with their experienced team.

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