True Experts Who Make Any Home Project Better — Elegant Additions Knows How to Make a Difference

W.When you meet the best, you know. It seems like. How it feels How it works. You may not be able to tell exactly why it’s best, but you know intuitively. And this feeling is one of the ingredients for a well-lived life.

This describes Elegant Additions to a tee, the authority for plumbing fixtures, lighting and door fittings, which has been supplying designers, builders and homeowners with one of the most exclusive materials for more than 35 years.

Fancy the most elegant door handles and hinges ever launched from France? How about some handcrafted faucets from Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Copper bathtubs of the most sublime form? Of course you are, and Elegant Additions can source all of these things and more as the company has relationships with almost every name worth knowing, including Barber Wilsons & Co., John Pawson, THG Paris, Turnstyle Designs, Vola, Armac Martin, Gessi, Kast and William Holland.

Put simply, if Elegant Additions can’t satisfy every whim, no one can.

Julie Koch, founder and visionary of Elegant Additions, is the woman behind thousands of successful projects and satisfied customers.

JUlie Koch, the owner and visionary of Elegant Additions, is one of the best in the field, but she entered the industry purely by chance, a coincidence that has benefited thousands of satisfied customers.

Koch worked in the advertising sales world and was doing fine, but the company’s owner fled the money and Koch unexpectedly became unemployed. An acquaintance in the early stages of founding a company for decorative fittings pestered her with questions about the process and then Koch knew that she was a partner in the company Elegant Additions, which was founded in 1986.

As with most companies, the early years of Elegant Additions were marked by sleepless nights, a lot of training on the job and a steep learning curve for Koch, who had absolutely no idea about plumbing and fittings. To make matters worse, one day after three years, her partner informed her without warning that he found the company too stressful and would leave it. He had only announced it 48 hours in advance, so Koch had to make a decision.

“I really didn’t think for a minute of quitting,” says the irrepressible cook. “Bills and investors had to be paid, and I was freshly single. The show had to go on! “

32 years later – and faced many challenges, including the advent of the internet and its impact on sales and customer relationships – and Koch has a winner on hand, not to mention showrooms in Houston and Dallas (look out for the one on the new Dallas Design Lab “design your own”, a dedicated and professional team of designers and salespeople and thousands of satisfied customers.

In addition, Elegant Additions recently teamed up with two industry stars and will only represent them in Houston and Dallas.

Waterworks is one of the most sought-after suppliers of high-quality fittings and products for bathrooms, spas, kitchens and other spaces that make people happy and productive, and COCOON designs and creates timeless pieces whose function and shape represent holistic perfection. Both companies chose Elegant Additions as their partner because they only work with the best. (If the names John Pawson, Piet Boon, or ASH NYC mean something to you, now you’re getting excited.)

Now let’s ask Julie Koch a few questions to use her expertise and learn more:

Tell me about a design trend that you are passionate about?

Julie Koch: The trend I’m looking forward to the most is actually two. The new hot finish (yes, everything old is new again) is the use of white on fixtures and fittings. It’s not new, it just comes back to the top of the color wheel for bathtub fittings and fittings. The new finishes are durable, easy to clean and, with the help of a designer, beautiful.

What makes Elegant Additions unique?

JK: You talk, we listen. You said you want an exceptional selection experience curated by a knowledgeable, skilled, and professional sales representative. We give you that and more.

We work where you are. We have worked in Texas, the Southwest, and beyond since 1987. We can do your job no matter where it is.

Our showrooms are a must. They are relaxing, beautifully decorated, modern, easy to work with and have a variety of unique and exclusive facilities.

Elegant Additions showroom in Houston Elegant Additions’ Houston showroom is full of beautiful things and inspired advice.

Are we hearing your five tips for successful bathroom projects?

JK: Never go it alone. It pays to invest in success and hire a designer or architect to walk you through the spaces and help bring it all together. In the end, you will spend less.

Never shop on the internet. Find a showroom like ours with a huge collection of plumbing and hardware history and knowledge. We have been doing this for 35 years and that is important. Too many moving parts and water is running through your wall. Why, why, why do people want to save money on the internet when it comes to water?

Find pictures of the things you like, share them with the person who is helping you, and then let them do their thing. Remember, you hired them for a reason.

Find products that are timeless and not trendy. Trendy dates your home faster than anything.

If possible, stick to the three basic versions: unpainted brass, polished nickel and polished chrome.

Will you tell me about one of your favorite assignments or projects?

JK: It was a glass house on a ranch. Why my favorite? Because if the rooms are fully visible, every single part has to be perfect for the room. The kitchen, the bathrooms, the bar are all in all their glory. It wasn’t huge, but it was absolutely perfect. We care about the details for every project and are not into cookie cutter design. You walk into some houses and you know exactly which business things come from. We don’t want that for our customers.

Are you ready to design the bathtub of your dreams, update your door hardware, or build the outdoor shower to last? Elegant Additions is waiting for your call.

For more information on Elegant Additions and what they can do for your home, please visit the full website here.

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