True Home Matches Xcel Energy Credits for Water Heaters

DENVER, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As part of its commitment to promoting green and environmentally conscious technologies, True Home has announced that it will fulfill the credits offered by Xcel Energy for new water heaters. The game announced by True Home has partnered with that of Xcel Energy $ 500 Incentive for homeowners to install highly efficient water heaters for themselves Colorado Xcel Energy residents and customers.

The highest credits are available for tankless water heaters that have a longer lifespan than traditional water heaters and that heat water when needed rather than continuously heating a tank regardless of need.

True Home recognizes that tankless systems typically have higher up-front costs due to venting and other code requirements. The long-term operating costs over the life of the heater more than make up for the difference. In addition to the reduced energy consumption and the corresponding CO2 emissions, instantaneous water heaters usually have twice the useful life. True Home’s additional credit is intended to help offset the higher installation costs and make the technology more affordable.

“Climate change is an immediate threat to people around the world. Promoting green technology should be a fundamental pillar of any business. True Home’s mission is to make the home improvement process easier for homeowners, but we also see the home improvement process as an opportunity to increase energy. ” Efficiency and reduction of a home’s carbon footprint, “says Daniel Benhammou, President and CEO of True Home. “We believe that all households, regardless of income, should have access to energy-efficient homes. Hopefully this loan will help make energy-efficient improvements that much more accessible.”

True Home is a platform for homeowners to find contractors, compare quotes, and manage projects. To be eligible for the additional credit, homeowners can visit, where they can compare prices and ratings for local installers to get a water heater with a minimum Uniform Factor Efficiency (UFE) rating of 0.87 to install. More information can be found at and

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