Udupi: STP pipe connecting Sharada wet well breaks, Karavali flyover likely to collapse

Daijiworld Media Network – Udupi (JD / EP)

Udupi, March 26th: The STP pipe connecting the Sharada wet well in Udupi has ruptured causing fear of the collapse of the Karavali bypass.

There are wet wells at four points in the underground drainage of the Udupi district administration, of which the Sharada wet well near the Karavali bypass has stopped working for the past three months. The wastewater from this reaches the cleaning plant in Nittur. One of the lines runs under the overpass of the Karavali bypass. However, the pipe broke due to the ruthless work of the Navayug company. Instead of fixing the problem, the company continued the relocation work. The district administration has inevitably poured sewage directly into the Indrali River for the past three months.

The officers did not repair the STP facility or prevent the sewage from flowing into the river. The Environmental Control Board should technically review the STP system output every three months. However, they ask for a month to inspect the facility. “Although there is only one political party in the state and in the center, they function as if there is no coordination among themselves,” said a local Balakrishna Kodavoor.

If the county council starts pumping wastewater from damp wells to STP, cracks can appear on national highways and the Karavali Bridge is likely to collapse. The administration must cut the pipe on both sides to prevent the bridge from collapsing. Meanwhile, the already polluted river is all the more polluted.

The National Highway Authority, the elected officials, the local council and those affected must act quickly to prevent the river from becoming a sewer.

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