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“Your tap water can hang in some rather shady joints” the message is in close proximity to a branded container of bottled water sold by some stores in the area.

Accompanied by this message and of course the water tanks for sale is a picture that represents an example of the deteriorating condition that the company is trying to draw attention to.

Lots of people look at the picture, we say “Come on,” and then continue. However, some people may consider opting for the bottled water alternative instead of continuing to rely on the tap water they drank from as long as they live in their current address.

Based on the latest statistics, proposals from the Biden administration and the resulting debate in Congress, “Shabby joints” and the aging, deteriorating lead pipes that bring water to many people’s homes should be on most Americans’ minds right now.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are 9 million lead service lines in this country. Meanwhile, the Natural Resources Defense Council environmental group recently estimated that the correct number of lead service lines is approximately 12.8 million.

The replacement plan funding proposed by the Biden administration is a mix of grants and loans, recognizing that the Behemoth task would take decades. What cannot be ignored is that the longer the replacement project runs, the more the total cost will rise to over $ 45 billion.

While many Americans do not see lead pipes as a tangible health risk and still live with leaded paints and asbestos in their homes, the continuing deterioration of connected lead pipes should not be demonized nationally.

Officials should not turn away from this issue, and residents of communities who use public water should not hesitate to consult their elected officials about the state of the infrastructure that this vital component provides for their homes and businesses.

You should use this newfound knowledge as a basis to either support or oppose what the President advocates – at least at the cost of what is proposed.

There is no doubt that the proposed scope of the anti-lead pipe initiative would give a big boost to business and many jobs, but the health of Americans is the much more important aspect to be considered when forming an opinion.

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