Use of camera for diagnosis of clogged sewer

Apofraxeis Peiraias Antoniou

Repair of a drainage system

Repair of a drainage system

Blocking Company - Apofraxeis Peiraias

Blocking Company – Apofraxeis Peiraias

Apofraxeis Peiraias has been known for 30 years to carry out all kinds of works related to unblocking, disinfection, disinfestation and water extraction both in Athens and in the surrounding areas.”

— George Antoniou

PEIRAIAS, ATHENS, GREECE, Jan. 17, 2022 / — A sewer inspection and control video camera are types of modern tools used by many unlocking companies such as Apofraxeis Peiraias. They help diagnose and see any problems in a sewer network with high resolution using a robotic camera. Also, it allows accurate recording of the condition of the pipes and the entire drainage network.

Each condition can include root penetration, cracks, perforation, corrosion, or pipe sections that are not square. A camera also detects fat build-up, leaks and obstructions, twigs and any other type of blockage.

Sewer systems work with gravity. The pipes flow down so that when rubbish and waste comes in, the water flows through. Eventually, dirt ends up in every city’s waste treatment centers. Even in a cesspool, depending on the situation.

However, if something goes wrong with a system resulting in a plugged leak, in most cases a drainage diagnosis should be performed using a camera. This will help determine the cause of the problem. Often in these cases, a camera can pinpoint the source of the problem so we don’t just assume it.

An obstacle camera finds exactly the spot or spots that have a problem in the drainpipes. This means you don’t have to dig many yards if necessary to find a problem in a home or even hundreds of yards in a hotel unit.

The problem is corrected vertically because an obstacle camera has a positioning system. In this way, in cases where a problem persists and there is no answer to it, diagnosis with the use of a drainage camera can help to go exactly to the point of the blockage and dig vertically.

There is no need to break hundreds of tiles, take out pipes just to check and reattach material. This can save a lot of money, time and labor! A problem can be identified and categorized in order to fix it with the appropriate tools.

The benefits of using a camera to diagnose a blocked sewer

• In the case of camera blockages, no blind surgery is performed because the problem is known.
• The health of each network can be seen with the human eye
• Determination of the type of duct system within the pipes. If it’s PVC or cast iron without digging
• Diagnosing the drainage system using a camera can reveal the connection type. It allows using the taps with running water to see where water is flowing to or from one pipe to another
• Immediately know the right tool for every type of blockage.
• Uncovering cracks in a sewage system
• Eliminate unnecessary plumbing repairs
• Detection of errors of any kind with absolute accuracy
• Effectiveness of previous cleanings – clogs
• Existence of illegal third-party connections
• Check whether slopes are the right ones

Checking sewers with a camera requires a clear protocol, a process. A qualified technician inserts a hose into a drain pipe. A bar is equipped with an HD camcorder on its edge.

The flexible rod allows the camera to move through the tube while sending a video signal back to an HDTV screen. A technician can inspect the entire length of a pipe. Create a digital record of the inspection for future reference. Each camera is equipped with bright LED lights that fully illuminate the inside of the pipe to reveal cracks, clog sources or structural problems.

A radio transmitter in the camera records the subsurface depth and the precise physical location of any fault or obstruction in the pipe. This allows a camera to pinpoint problems and offer customers cost-effective processing or repair options.

At the end of and after a drain system has been cleaned or repaired, a final diagnosis is performed to ensure that the solution to each problem worked. Make sure the duct has been properly cleaned or repaired.

There is a big difference between each camera system. Every system wants modularity that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow, able to accommodate and control such tight pipes from 4″/100mm to 60″/1500mm.

For all difficult cases, even for the narrowest of tubes, special equipment must be used in front of the camera. Camera blockages and the whole meaning of this robotic technology is the best visual representation and accessibility. A true professional should have invested in such technology and be ready for anything when they arrive on site.

There should be a wide range of wheels, flexible bars, special lifts and tires. Optimized equipment for the “job to be done” in any underground and in any hole and diameter of pipe.

Camera blockages don’t just require equipment. The best equipment is required, since every company should invest in parallel with the high level of employee training. Each obstacle camera has a cable with up to 305 m of powerful detectors that can withstand the toughest underground conditions.

The cost of a camera disability

Camera diagnostics and camera blockages are not as expensive as everyone thinks. There is a lot of money that an individual or a company can save, as opposed to acting blindly and only temporarily solving the problem.

In the case of deeper problems, a plumber or a sealing company should always come by at best. In the worst case, it would have to dig tens of meters to find every problem. Apofraxeis Peiraias has invested a lot in the technical equipment, especially in the equipment for correct diagnosis with the camera. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week near you.

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