VIDEO: Nevada County sheriff’s deputies shot, killed woman

The video from the Nevada County sheriff’s office shows the woman holding a knife before she is shot. The incident occurred in Alta Sierra.

ALTA SIERRA, Calif. – The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office released a video of a recent incident in which a proxy gunned and killed a woman in the Alta Sierra community in front of her children.

Ariella Crawford, 33, was killed Thursday, February 4, after MPs received multiple calls about a woman acting erratically and walking her two children in the middle of Alta Sierra Drive. In a statement on the video, Nevada County’s Sheriff Shannan Moon said, “For reasons unknown as of now, Ms. Crawford was very angry about the presence of our MPs, even though one of them immediately said she was in no trouble.”

The video released by the sheriff’s office consists of video and audio recordings of 911 calls describing Crawford’s actions before she was stopped by MPs on the side of Names Drive, a residential street.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content. Not suitable for minors.

In the dash camera footage, Crawford says, “Don’t hurt my babies,” as a deputy tells her, “You have to put your knife down.” Crawford begins to scream and gets more and more excited. At one point in the video, one of her children jumps between Crawford and the MPs and says, “Stop.” Both MPs repeatedly urge Crawford to put the knife down and one MP is seen with a taser. Crawford runs towards the second in command holding the taser, and the other second in command shoots the woman several times. Your children can be heard screaming in the video. MPs began medical aid after Crawford dropped the knife, according to a statement, but she died in the hospital from her injuries.

“I want to thank the citizen who stepped in to comfort the children during the traumatic and tragic incident,” Sheriff Moon said in the video. “Nevada County Child Protective Services have arrived on-site to take custody of the children.”

The Nevada District Attorney’s Office is investigating the shooting. No further details are known at this time.

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