Watch: Pipe burst on Albertina Sisulu is not a quick fix

Ward 71 City Councilor René Benjamin would like to inform motorists and local residents that the Johannesburg Water team is aware of the burst pipe along Albertina Sisulu Road.

The water shoots several meters into the air near the plumbing market, but unfortunately this is not a quick fix. Councilor Benjamin said the team was kidnapped the last time Joburg Water (JW) attempted to fix a leak near the informal settlement of Princess. This has become a common occurrence for local authorities who dare to repair something around the settlement.

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As a result, it was decided that these units could not handle leaks, potholes and unplanned power outages without an armed escort. Therefore, while JW is aware of the major outbreak and is working to resolve the problem, a coordinated effort must be made to allow the teams to be escorted into the area by armed JMPD or police officers. A time must be determined in which both entities are available and can be on site together before the pipe break can be repaired. Because of this, there is currently no estimated repair time.

The city council also said that City Inspector Ward 71 along with representatives from JW and the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) visited the site about two weeks ago to investigate the road works that need to be completed and the recurring leaks, but before that Anything can be done, a mutually agreed time must be set.

Inquiries can be sent to René on 073 734 0061 (preferably via WhatsApp) or by email [email protected]

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