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Barb: It was reported on Wednesday’s The Daily News that Iron Mountain City Council is considering shutting down Cemetery Park’s plugs because the water pipes are old and leaking.

Putting a “Water station near the entrance” is a poor replacement for the currently available accessible tenons. Transporting water from a remote point to a burial site is not a viable option, especially for seniors who frequently visit the cemetery to tend the graves of their loved ones. In many cases, seniors enjoy planting and caring for real flowers. Lifting and carrying gallons of water can be extremely difficult and pose significant physical risk to some.

By eliminating the water supply, there is also the possibility that our beautiful cemetery park will look even more like a cheap display of plastic flowers, Gewgaws and garbage that do not require water. Once placed, they are often forgotten and faded in the sun and blown in the wind.

Cemetery land rent is expensive, and “Eternal Care” should be included. These costs have increased over the years. People have also invested a lot of money in their headstones with the expectation that their final resting place will continue as a park-like setting rather than a carnival show.

One councilor described the water system at Cemetery Park as “Incredibly wasteful” and that the cost to the city was about $ 1,500 per month, which is the cost of opening a tomb. Open three graves and pay for the water! The water pipes should be maintained and expanded.

The mayor owns a greenhouse where customers buy flowers to plant in Cemetery Park. I would hope that he would oppose this move and block what is considered justified by his advice “possibly” Save money.

I find it very annoying that the city council and administration have given such little importance to a place that is an integral, historical, and necessary part of our community since Iron Mountain was founded. Let us improve, not destroy, the final resting place for many of our residents.

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