Well and septic assistance available – Farmville

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is in the process of identifying potential recipients of septic and borehole support program (SWAP) grants for the repair / replacement of septic infections.

The Virginia Department of Health will use $ 11.5 million in the governor’s draft budget approved Aug. 10 to help low-income homeowners repair or replace wells and sewage treatment plants. The allocation is part of the Commonwealth’s funding under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The Office of Environmental Health Services will spend the ARPA funds through the Septic and Well Assistance Program (SWAP), which is used to assist homeowners with incomes 200% or less of the state poverty guidelines.

The grant covers the costs for:

• Repairing or replacing failed sewage treatment plants.

• Replacing straight pipes and toilets.

• Installation of conventional system repairs, alternative system repairs or sewer connection.

• Alternative system operation and maintenance.

• Replacing inadequate private wells.

• Properly exit unused wells.

• Installation of replacement wells or public water connections.

The following website directs property owners and local partners for more information. There is a google form on the apply tab that allows owners to provide some details to be queued to be contacted once funding becomes available. The VDH will continue to update the website with application forms and further details on the procedure as soon as they are available.

https: //www.vdh. virginia.gov/environmental-health/swap/

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