West Seattle Blog… | DEVELOPMENT: Your next chance for design feedback on Bee’s Plumbing project

The new office / warehouse building that Bee installation plans for its new headquarters at 2216 SW Orchard [map] The feedback time “Early Design Guidance” has come. The project on the ex-Tug Inn The site is proposed for 3-4 floors (the site is rated for up to 5 floors), with approximately 7,000 square feet of office space, 5,000 SF storage / office space, and off-street parking for more than 40 vehicles. The project goes through the Review of the administrative design Process, which means that no community meetings take place even though community feedback is invited. Here is an architect Andrew FinchThe design package for this phase of the process focuses on mass (size and shape). The notice released today sets March 31st as the deadline for early design feedback and explains how to submit yours.

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