What do you do if your pipe bursts during freeze?

Plumbers are already inundated with calls from homeowners with frozen or burst pipes.

HOUSTON – The brutal outside temperatures will lead to an inside nightmare for many homeowners.

Pipes burst through the Houston area because of the cold weather. From apartments on the East Beltway to the ceiling of a house in Cypress, the damage was done from Midtown to Missouri City.

“When the temperature rose a little, the phones rang,” said Joe Bany of John Moore Services, and it just kept pushing the tube until it explodes. “

The best advice is to turn off the water or stop the faucets from dripping. Keeping the water moving will make it harder to freeze. Remember, if your pipes break and you call a plumber, road conditions and a rush for parts can slow response time.

“Everything is going to be delayed. Understand when you take a break that a plumber can come out there and find a solution for you, but that solution may not require a same-day resolution,” Bany said.

One thing you want to find experts is your water pipe on the side of your house. That way, if your pipes burst, you can quickly shut them down before things flood.

If your faucet isn’t running or the toilet doesn’t refill, there is a good chance your pipe is frozen.

If you suspect a frozen pipe, turn off the water supply in case it bursts.

Try to thaw the pipe yourself with a hair dryer, heating pad, or warm cloth.

What to do if your pipe breaks

  • Turn off your water at the main water valve.
  • The electricity to the area of ​​the house should be turned off with water.
  • Call a plumber. It’s a good idea to research 24-hour plumbing companies in advance, just in case.
  • If floors, walls, or ceilings are badly damaged, you may need to contact a water damage specialist.
  • You need to avoid mold and mildew. So use a pug, towels, and a wet / dry vacuum to soak up the water.

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