What to know about low-flow faucets

The program does not rate kitchen faucets, but it does rate bathroom faucets. This program began with a study to find out which traits set the best apart from the laggards. Tanner said the program found that some bathroom faucets only work well within the range of most common water pressures of 45 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). When the water pressure is low, these faucets only trickle. You can meet government standards that relate to maximum flow rate, but not consumer requirements that aim for a faucet to deliver or be close to the maximum allowable flow when the faucet is fully open. As a result, WaterSense’s protocol includes testing at 60 psi to ensure they don’t exceed 1.5 gpm, and it also tests at 20 psi to ensure a minimum flow rate of 0.8 gpm, which Tanner says is a viable flow for the is what people do at a bathroom sink.

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