When is it time to call your insurance agency if your frozen pipes bust? | KAMR

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR / KCIT) – As temperatures continue to rise slowly but surely, homeowners and residents with frozen pipes could soon find themselves in trouble if those same pipes start to thaw.

For anyone who thinks they might get into this situation, the State Farm agent Don suggests tips to be proactive.

“The best you can do is open those cabinet doors and let in some heat, even if you have one – maybe even a space heater or a hair dryer. Get some warmth knowing where the pipe is. Get some warmth on the pipe, ”said Tips.

However, if things get worse and those pipes rupture, call your insurance agent and cut off the water or find someone who can.

Tips continued, “A plumber or someone who can shut off the water to the house because once it thaws and the pipe is broken, obviously water will leak out. It will be uncontrollable. “

Farmers Insurance Agency owner Cody Chandler said if you are a renter, tenant insurance can also help insure your personal effects.

“Renters insurance could surely help you save yourself, and in the same scenario, you have your own personal property coverage. And obviously you’re not insuring the pipes or the structure of a renter’s insurance, ”said Chandler.

Tips shared that even in minor situations, your insurance agency can put you in touch with a contractor, save the related invoices, and check whether a claim should be made.

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