Woman reveals ‘racist’ social housing managers said Chinese tenants’ sink was ‘probably blocked with rice’

A public housing whistleblower claimed that property managers were openly “racist” towards tenants. One said, “It only gets full of rice” when a Chinese resident complained about a clogged sink.

The whistleblower spoke to ITV News, which she referred to as “Helen”, about her concerns about racism in the housing industry.

“Helen” works in a social housing department in London on the senior management team, says the broadcaster.

She alleged that apartment managers, based on their last name, make assumptions about tenants and “openly” make racist comments and remarks.

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She said, “If you say your last name is Muhammad or Ali or something, you will immediately assume that you are from a Muslim country.

“And that’s why they say you should be grateful because ‘imagine where you are from’.”

Apartment tenant Hamedi Mahamed said she was treated differently because of the color of her skin

“Helen” recalled a specific incident and said that a tenant called a tenant who had a Chinese last name.

She said, “We had a resident’s phone to say they had a clogged kitchen sink and their last name was a Chinese last name, and the manager turned and said, ‘Look at your last name, it will just be full of travel reports ‘delete them yourself’. “

She alleged that on another occasion a manager made a racist remark about the African residents who live in her buildings.

“We had a big meeting with them because they weren’t happy,” she said. “And when they finished, all the managers sat around and said, ‘What are they complaining, they are just coming out of shacks’.”

Such jokes, she claims, are common on public housing management teams.

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She said: “As soon as you reach the management level, you see racism that is openly expressed, be it external to the residents – they will make assumptions, they will make people based on their race, their skin color, their prejudices, religion, their last name.”

“And internally, people who are not white British are treated the same way.

“I remember one of them saying clearly, ‘I don’t have a black plumber who earns more than we managers’ because some of our employees earn more than the managers.”

Helen added that the term “these guys” is often used by the management team to describe non-white people and that it was said, “Residents must live the way the English live” or “go back wherever they come from “.

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