You Can Apply Now To Get Your Lead Water Pipes Replaced For Free Or At A Discount

CHICAGO – Homeowners looking to replace their lead service lines can apply for help from the city.

The city has two programs that are now accepting applications to help people replace senior service lines. The programs started last year when the city tried to remove lead water pipes to protect residents.

Individuals who wish to hire a contractor to remove the lead service line from their home can apply for the homeowner initiated program. If approved, the city will waive its permit fees, which could save up to $ 3,100, and city crews will hook up the new utility line and provide the homeowner with a free water meter that the contractor claims the city can install website.

Residents applying for this program must have planned to replace their lead service line regardless of home renovations.

The equity program enables homeowners to receive a service line replacement and water meter free of charge if they meet certain criteria:

  • You must live in and own the house if the replacement occurs.
  • You must have a household income that is less than 80 percent of the median area income ($ 72,800 for a family of four). More information on media revenue in the region is available online.
  • They must have consistent results of at least 15 parts per billion lead in their water as determined by free testing by the city’s water management department.

The programs are for single-family and two-family home owners only.

You can find more information about the programs and how to apply here.

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