To primarily reflect estimated changes in the wholesale cost of natural gas as well as a change in the Actual Cost Adjustment Factor (ACA), Union Electric Company d / b / a Ameren Missouri natural gas customers will make a change in tariffs on any filing that is required valid from Monday, November 1st

According to a press release, the ACA factor is a mechanism that tracks any over- or under-reporting of actual gas costs over a 12-month period. The excess or insufficiently withdrawn net balances will then either be refunded or withdrawn within the next 12 months.

Officials say Ameren Missouri’s current ACA period (September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021) includes costs related to the cold weather event of February 2021, which had a significant impact on certain natural gas prices.

The Public Service Commission approved a motion from Ameren Missouri that extends the ACA recovery period from 12 to up to 36 months and spreads the cost over a longer period starting with the cold weather event in February 2021.

Ameren Missouri says this is being done to mitigate the impact on customer bills.

Residential customers currently pay about $ 0.46 per ccf (per 100 cubic feet) of natural gas. The Ameren Missouri filing states the rate will rise to about $ 0.77 per ccf. Around 50 to 55 percent of a customer’s current natural gas bill reflects the cost of natural gas from wholesale suppliers.

Ameren has put together tips on what to do to manage your electricity bill:

  • Add loft insulation if necessary
  • Place weather strips around doors, use plastic wrap, and seal the windows to prevent heat from escaping your home.
  • Change or replace the oven filters every month if they are dirty.
  • Have your chimney checked for clogging.
  • Close the chimney flaps when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Have your heating system checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Place an approved insulated cover around the water heater.
  • Consider seeking professional help for projects beyond your ability.
  • Contact your local energy company for tips and programs on how to save energy.

Ryan Silvey, Chairman of the Public Service Commission, says, “When you face an utility bill that you cannot pay in full, it is very important that you contact the utility, express the insolvency, and avoid a payment arrangement with that the service is discontinued due to non-payment. “

Ameren Missouri supplies approximately 132,350 natural gas customers in Missouri. Counties in the KMMO listening area include Cooper, Howard, and Saline.

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